Saturday, December 14

MAC Heroine Lipstick Is BACK!

That's right you heard me!
MAC Heroine is back!

You guys know every purple lipstick I've bought this year was because I was trying to duplicate MAC's Heroine. Here's the best! I am ecstatic! I heard a rumor about it coming back and being permanent a few months ago from a forum. The source was a MAC artist but when I asked my friend who works at MAC she had no idea what I was talking about. MAC Heroine lovers prayed long and hard to the lipstick Gods and our prayers have been answered! They will be available online January 2, 2014 at and available for purchase in stores January 14th. They retail for $15 USD. Now just getting a MAC giftcard for Christmas would be icing on the cake.  *wink*


Image is from Harpers Bazaar

Monday, December 2

Cyber Monday 2013 SALES (over 40 retailers included!)


If you still have some shopping to do or lost a fight against that lady with the pepper spray on Black Friday here's your chance to redeem yourself as the ultimate bargain shopper.


I've included over 40 popular retailers for you. Enjoy!

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