Thursday, May 30


1. Micheal Todd Charcoal Detox BUY HERE
This is my second bottle of this cleanser. I rarely give cleansers a second chance because I'm so curious about all the other cleansers out there. This ain't bad! Never made me breakout :) 

2. Cinderella perfume 'So This Is Love' by Sephora -limited edition-
The notes are fresh aldehydes, plumeria, dewy hyacinth, tuberose, sheer jasmine, solar accord,  musks, plum, creamy woodsThe perfume is supposed to be romantic, light, delicate and I agree! I don't think I'll be using this a lot however only because I want to collect all the Disney princesses from this Sephora collection. 

3. Buxom Stay There Eyeshadow in 
Golden Retriever BUY HERE
It is a shimmer copper color that looks beautiful even just by itself. I've used it without any primer and it still stays on great! I love this shade. This has my my go-to quick and easy eyeshadow look lately. 

4. Milani Minerals Sweet Rose blush 
-available at most drugstores-
I love this blush! It's one of my most used because it's not super bright but gives a nice sweet rosy glow that isn't overbearing and looks natural. I use this more than all my MAC and NARS blushes! There is no shimmer in this and applies very smooth and not too powdery or chalky at all. 

5. Luxaddiction Cell Phone Case #447 
I like bling ok. Lots and LOTS of bling! So this is perfect. I just thought it was gorgeous and it is built quite well! No missing gems yet! I'm lovin the rose gold trend so I went with it. They have sales and they customize your case too for the same price! 

6. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory 
-sold in stores only-
I don't have a pic of it sorry but it's in my video! 
It's a gold faux leather bracelet with a gold chain on it. It fits my wrist perfectly and matches sooo many outfits so I had to get it :)

Check the video out for my current fails :) I also introduce my twins to you in it!!

What I'm Wearing In The Video

Naked 2 Palette - Verve, Bootycall, Busted, Toasted eyeliner
MAC- Carbon eyeshadow 
LORAC Front Of The Line - Black eyeliner 

Sephora - Crush lipstick
Make Up For Ever - 15 lipstick
Make Up For Ever - 10C lipliner

Milani - Sweet Rose blush

Illamasqua - Nomad
Nails INC - Chelsea Square 


Thursday, May 9

What To Do If You Lost Your Pet

You lost your pet! Did it run away? Kidnapped? Where could your baby be?! Losing a pet is one of your worst nightmares if you're a pet owner and that's exactly what happened to me a little over 2 weeks ago in April. 

(I know my story is long so if you like you may skip to the Tips listed right below.)

My Story
I always let him play outside in the grass where I can keep an eye on him. Everyone on my side of the building where I live all know each other. I was planting a flower. One second he was there, next he wasn't. He never strays and after a call or two he always runs back to me and drops whatever he was doing. Where was he? I called for him for a while and walked all around. No sign. My husband called for him for 4 hours and we searched everywhere and still no sign. I was positive he got snatched. He had his collar on so people would be able to tell that he belongs to someone. We left the door open all night  the first 2 nights hoping maybe he will run through it any moment. No doggie came through the door. 


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