Wednesday, March 21


I've been lusting these for spring this year! Trust that I will get a version of them in due time. I've never made a layout before and I never realized how long it took to create one. It looks easy but I was browsing for hours and hours looking for just what I wanted. Then I got lost because I started liking too many items. I kept the theme fresh and light. Enjoy!


What do you think?

 What are your Top 10 Must Haves right now?  

Friday, March 9


Pho Bac
Evans, GA 

I'm in Augusta, GA right now. I've been here for a few months. Very close to getting this job done and going home! I don't get to go out frolicking on my own very often. Once in a while when I don't have duty I'll go out to the Augusta Mall or eat out. Eat eat all I can! Eat eat for Uncle Sam! I love Vietnamese food. This place is small and a hidden gem!

Papaya Salad
Shrimp Pho
Beef Pho (the kind with brisket? forget) 
Fried Rice
Thai Tea

Started off with Papaya Salad. It was so fresh and delish! Just spicy enough. I loved it. It wasn't as spicy and made my nose run like how people from Laos make it. I do love me some spicy food though. 

Sunday, March 4

Let me introduce you

Hello my lovely ladies and gents!

My name is Bushra. Once upon a time (about 2010) I used to blog as "Le Midge" and created videos on YouTube as "MidgetMakeup". I began making YouTube videos around 2006 when only a handful of people shared their love for beauty on that site. Back in the day it used to be as a slideshow with music playing in the background. Ah..the days when it was so easy to add music to your videos! I didn't make videos often because it was very time consuming, I was about to start college, and because of my lovely desi-bengali parents. I'd record in my room when they were busy watching Hindi soap operas downstairs so they couldn't hear me talking to myself, haha.

Once I finished college I took a bit of time off for myself. I moved out on my own and enjoyed working and just living life. I loved it. I took time to find myself, everyone should! I didn't answer to anyone, I read books by the pool, I cherished time with my friends. I didn't even watch tv or have internet for a few months. Crazy huh?! But it can be done! It was like a detox for living life! I was alone and I was doing me and I enjoyed every minute of it. I am very happy for that time between me, myself, and I.

During the last few months (2011-12) due to my job I was not able to have my life on blast. Everything had to be on the down low. I didn't get to wear makeup and heels or cute little outfits. Not even ugly ones. I just had to wear my uniform, the end. The first thing I bought when I regained my freedom of style was a purse. A green satchel. It made me so happy! It reminded me of the days I used to blog and make YouTube videos. I missed it so much. I missed it even more when I received messages now and then about how someone missed my videos or why I don't make videos and if I'm coming back. I kept saying I was coming back. Well, I'm back! And better than ever :) I missed all of you so much! By the way, I live close to Atlanta now. So exciting! I haven't had time to go around the city yet though so I look forward to sharing my new city with you all.

Before I go I want to mention that this blog is a subject of my attraction. At times some topics may not be for the weak of heart or the young soul. Don't say I didn't warn you! It's not strictly a beauty or fashion or food or fitness blog. It's everything all rolled into one. Just like me :)

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