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REVIEW | Solotica NC Quartzo Contacts on DARK Eyes

I have been wearing these lenses in the shade Quartzo since February 2013. The brand Solotica however is not new to me, I have tried 2 other pairs from them about 3-4 years ago. I have tried their famous Hidrocharme Mel and a gray one which may have been called Gris (not positive on this!). I was not too fond of those lenses or their shades so I never wore them more than maybe 3 times. They were uncomfortable and it would slide down too low making my pupils look strange and tired. After wasting $120 PER pair I was skeptical spending yet another $120. The only real downside to the lenses are that they are not cheap. I have always wanted to try Quartzo. The demos that I have seen remind me of Angelina Jolie's unique blue-green eyes. Sometimes more blue sometimes more green and yes of course I know lighting and photoshop make a difference. None the less I absolutely LOVE greenish eyes. 

Angelina Jolie

I am in no way trying to BE this goddess. While most people notice her lips I love her eyes. 
These Quartzo lenses are the closest to that shade that I have ever tried!

You buy 1 pair and each lens comes in a little vial. 
Be careful when ripping open the cap, it is metal. I usually use tweezers or scissors. 
You might end up with a bloody finger if you try to pick at it.

My Natural Eye Color

Wearing Solotica 
Natural Colors QUARTZO - Outdoor


5-Must have!
4-Worth buying
3-It's alright but I can live without it
2-I don't recommend this
1-Waste of money! Stay away from this as it may cause you to have a bad bad day.

Outdoors or indoors they pretty much look the same! You can't say that about most colored contact lenses. My prescription is about -4.0 and it comes in much higher prescriptions than that. They are available for those of you who are lucky and don't need a prescription either. These are not your regular Freshlook Colorblends that you see most people wearing. Solotica is a Brazilian brand so be prepared to wait almost a month for the lenses. I am completely okay with paying more and waiting longer for great quality. If you buy contacts every month you are actually SAVING a lot of money by paying only $100 for a pair that will last you the entire year. Just be sure to take care of them and change the solution every time you use them. These are one of my favorite lenses that I've ever tried. I rate them a 5! I've tried many kinds and I think nothing compares to them in how NATURAL the look on dark eyes.

-Shows up on dark eyes
-The pattern on them look natural
-Looks good in sunlight
-Annual, lasts a whole year
-Available for people with prescription

-Might not be available where you are
-Lenses themselves are thick
-Cost of shipping
-Length of shipping
-Over $100 per pair

Here is a video of my review where I show them close up in sunlight

Where Can I Buy Them From?
I bought my mine from There are many other sites but I never recommend a site that I have not tried yet. WRLens also have great customer service if you have any questions. 

Hope you enjoyed this review and that everyone's having a wonderful day 



  1. I like the way you start and then conclude your thoughts. Thanks for this information about Angelina Jolie's unique blue-green eyes .I really appreciate your work, keep it up.

  2. Hi! the gris color from solotica, did it show up on your eyes? All the pictures I've seen are really dark. I wanted to try Gris or the Cristal one but I'm afraid it will look too fake :'( What do you suggest? I'm the same skin tone as you!

  3. Hi,I was just wondering if really a legit website for ordering solotica contacts,I've just reed so many bad reviews about them that I'm scared to order from them!!!!

  4. our review is giving me hopes, i tried so many contact lenses. my last ones were freshlook "sterling grey" and"grey".
    they look so fine but the DIA (diameter size) of 14.5 is bad because your natural eye is shining through the lenses.
    if freshlook would change the DIA to 14.2 (just like solotica) maybe i would consider rebuying them.
    I just ordered quartzo and this is my last hope in contact lenses, so i really hope they will be good as yours!

    thank you

  5. They actually look very nice and natural on you. I did a contact lens review as well for Pure Colors here. Hopefully, I can get my blog to the same level as you!

  6. Unfortunately with (big contact lens forum) seemingly not accepting new members, I've had no way to review my experience with Solotica Quartzo's - I hope you don't mind me leaving my review here. There's many positive reviews on Quartzo's but mine isn't so positive.

    First off I have sort of blueish green medium eyes, not dark but not light either - After spending hours on YouTube and reading many reviews I purchased the Quartzo's in the Hidrocor line as they're supposed to be the most natural looking (without a limbal ring).

    The Quartzo's are definitely a dramatic change, unfortunately for me it was too dramatic, I'm not sure if it was because my eyes had hints of green/blue already but the change was far too dramatic. Under natural light they would borderline pass for being real (but expect a lot of questions from people you meet). I know a lot of you will want a dramatic change, but be careful as there is a thin line between dramatic and fake looking and (on me at least) the Quartzo's are very nearly over the line into "fake looking" when in natural light.

    Unfortunately under indoor light these looked so fake - I'm not sure why, but under any indoor lighting these just looked AWFUL. Literally like cosmetic costume contacts, I looked like a vampire.

    I was so disappointed with these - but I wanted to leave a review somewhere as nobody ever seems to give bad reviews on these contacts or reviews them on blue/green eyes.

  7. They have one base in Australia where i buy mine from too! It got to me the next day! I'm hooked on to Hidrocor Ocre!
    It's :
    you're welcome!


    This is the website that I buy from in Brazil, I don't know if they ship to the US but you would pay about 40 dollars for the pair...

  9. I love Solotica lenses! I have tried several other brands including Desio and they all look sooooo fake but Solotica is really the most natural lenses you can get. Im a makeup blogger and came across them after googling the same thing :) I have all the colors now so I thought I would share the ones that look the most natural on my dark brown eyes: Hidrocor Ice, Hidrocor Ocre, Hidrocor Mel, Natural Crystal and if you want a dramatic look with the dark ring around the Hidrocharme Ice is cute. There is a new brand of lenses called Cloeique that I have recently started wearing their lenses are also very natural and cheaper. I get them all at and delivery takes about 5 days. Hope this helps :*


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