Monday, October 29

My Jelly Belly - Week 2

I didn't do all 5 days with 1 hr of cardio out of pure laziness...hehe. I did do my normal upper body and lower body days though. The thought of doing 1 hr is just exhausting sometimes after all that strength training. Nah, I'm just being lazy.

Monday, October 22

My Jelly Belly - Week 1

I am attending a wedding in 20 days. It's not just any wedding, it's my love's best friend's wedding. A lot of people from his childhood will be there. His entire family is attending the wedding as well. I've been so stressed the last couple months I sort of dropped all my healthy habits. I used to be a workout fiend hittn' the gym everyday for 2.5 hours non-stop. Reppin it out sweatin it out. I ate as much as I wanted whenever I wanted and not a calorie would show. When I was away from home I did Insanity everyday and loved it. The thought of doing Insanity is...insane in my condition now. I'm too weak. My heart would explode. Now I eat more and workout very little so you can only imagine the outcome. I have 20 days. That means I have to do LOTS of cardio to see results fast. Common sense is eat less calories and do more cardio and the fat will melt off but it's much easier said than done. I absolutely abhor cardio!! I am not a runner for the life of me. I hate cardio so much I think I'd rather DIE. If I didn't do cardio what the heck did I do in the gym for 2.5 hours you ask? I would do 8 mins of cardio maybe 3 times between sets of lots of strength training exercises. That's it and it was still very hard for me! I'm all about toning up and using weights but gosh now there's a happy layer of cupcakes and ice cream sitting above my goods. I'm so ashamed. I used to work in a gym in the past for 2 years and even helped train. If they saw me now...they better not see me now! Imma duck behind cars. 

Thursday, October 18

Fall Fashion | 2012 Trends LOVE & HATE

Fall is my favorite season and this fall 2012 is FILLED with things I love and some I don't. Thankfully, I have collected pieces throughout the years that will work with seasons on. I just have to learn to shop in my own closet, mix and match,  maybe buy an accessory or two and taadaa the recessionista in me has been dragged out! It works. No one I know buys a new wardrobe every single season and no one should feel pressured to just to be "cool". Don't go crazy now there's no reason to follow EVERY single trend. Just know what's in style at the moment and incorporate your own style and piece the the old with the new.  

Can't spend a dime...but I still have eyes! 

I used to hate it when I was younger.
I thought it made me look fobby so I stayed away from it haha. 

Thursday, October 11


Hello! I'm on a roll with these videos *finally* These are some Items that got some goood lovin last month.

Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox
-what kind of name is that =S ?

Friday, October 5

MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Foundation Routine for Tutorials

no flash

My first foundation routine! This is what I use for makeup tutorials in my videos. 

This is what the foundation really looks like so don't worry I didn't blur or smooth out my skin to make it look nicer or something so if you zoom in you can probably see my mustache. 
(please don't!!) 

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