Saturday, December 14

MAC Heroine Lipstick Is BACK!

That's right you heard me!
MAC Heroine is back!

You guys know every purple lipstick I've bought this year was because I was trying to duplicate MAC's Heroine. Here's the best! I am ecstatic! I heard a rumor about it coming back and being permanent a few months ago from a forum. The source was a MAC artist but when I asked my friend who works at MAC she had no idea what I was talking about. MAC Heroine lovers prayed long and hard to the lipstick Gods and our prayers have been answered! They will be available online January 2, 2014 at and available for purchase in stores January 14th. They retail for $15 USD. Now just getting a MAC giftcard for Christmas would be icing on the cake.  *wink*


Image is from Harpers Bazaar

Monday, December 2

Cyber Monday 2013 SALES (over 40 retailers included!)


If you still have some shopping to do or lost a fight against that lady with the pepper spray on Black Friday here's your chance to redeem yourself as the ultimate bargain shopper.


I've included over 40 popular retailers for you. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 27

BLACK FRIDAY 2013 + Coupon Codes

I'm not the BIGGEST fan of Black Friday because it causes me anxiety but I can't help and hunt down some amazing deals! Almost every store will be having incredible sales. I'm only going to a few stores and try to control my spending. Key word TRY. These are some stores I'll be hitting up and some of the sales I hope to catch!

Most places will be opening around 8 pm on Thanksgiving day. If you're in retail my heart goes out to you. I was in retail for a while and once during a black friday. It sucks. You don't get to spend the entire time with the family, go shopping, or have a good night's sleep. To top it off you get to be on your feet all day. I'm sorry.

Saturday, November 9

SALE! Sephora VIB 20% OFF!

Let me share this before it's too late. If you're a beauty junkie like myself you already know this is a great deal! I love a good bargain but some of my favorite stores just don't have typical "sales". I think Sephora already had their Friends + Family sale but here's another chance if you missed it like me. I'm a VIB Rouge member with Sephora and they are giving all VIBs 20% off for 5 days! It also includes FREE 3 day Shipping on all orders over $50.

Tuesday, November 5

Wednesday, October 30

REVIEW | Milani Violet Volt Color Statement Lipstick + Swatches

Milani's Violet Volt is said to be a dupe for MAC's Heroine lipstick (limited edition). I missed out on Heroine and am just not willing to pay the $99.99 for it on Amazon. Yes, it really is that much, if you don't believe it do an Amazon search yourself.

Unbelievable, right?

REVIEW | Maybelline On The Runway Fall 2013 Lipstick

I was on the hunt for purple lipsticks that looked similar to MAC's limited edition lipstick Heroine. It's a beautiful bright creamy purple color. As I hit Walgreen's my eye caught Maybelline's display of their new fall collection. The limited edition collection is called On The Runway and it features lipsticks, glosses, palettes, and nail polishes. All of which might I add have bright and bold shades of shades of purple and fuchsia. They have four creme finish lipsticks available.

#1005 Midnight Plum (deep black plum) 
#1000 Lavender Voltage (cool bright purple)
#995 Violet Intrigue ( warm purple with a hint of pink)
#990 Fuchsia Fierce (warm bright candy pink)

Since I was on a mission to get some purple lipsticks to add to my collection, I picked up both of the purples.

Wednesday, July 31

REVIEW | L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

What Is It?
L'Oreal's newest foundation in the market that claims the foundation turns into a powder once on contact with skin leaving you with a natural finish. Really? I've never tried anything like that before! Also with a name like that I had to try it! I've tried cream to powder but never liquid to powder. I know some higher end companies have come out with this kind of product but L'Oreal is the first to do so in the drugstore department.

Tuesday, July 16

MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Music Festival

This is a look I would do if I were going to a Summer Music Festival! 
I wish I had one to go to :( 

I'm an Aquarius so I sort of designed it with happy summer 
colors and something that would match my personality.

Monday, July 8

REVIEW | Garnier BB Cream Combination to Oily Skin in Medium/Deep

Every drugstore BB Cream I've tried has been a fail for my skin type. Too oily, too thick, color was wrong, broke me out, blotchy looking. I was convinced that the Smashbox BB Cream was the ONLY one that would work for me. It's great an all but at $40 a pop at Sephora, it's just too pricey.  I would rather buy a foundation. I don't think BB Creams are even worth that much considering American BB Creams are just glorified tinted moisturizers. 

When Garnier first came out with their BB Cream there was a lot of buzz but I didn't bother trying it. Now that they have an option for darker skin tones AND combination to oil skin I'm was curious to try it. At around $12 it sure as heck beats the price of the Smashbox one. 

Here is my first impression and how I apply it!

Sunday, June 30

REVIEW | Solotica NC Quartzo Contacts on DARK Eyes

I have been wearing these lenses in the shade Quartzo since February 2013. The brand Solotica however is not new to me, I have tried 2 other pairs from them about 3-4 years ago. I have tried their famous Hidrocharme Mel and a gray one which may have been called Gris (not positive on this!). I was not too fond of those lenses or their shades so I never wore them more than maybe 3 times. They were uncomfortable and it would slide down too low making my pupils look strange and tired. After wasting $120 PER pair I was skeptical spending yet another $120. The only real downside to the lenses are that they are not cheap. I have always wanted to try Quartzo. The demos that I have seen remind me of Angelina Jolie's unique blue-green eyes. Sometimes more blue sometimes more green and yes of course I know lighting and photoshop make a difference. None the less I absolutely LOVE greenish eyes. 

Angelina Jolie

Tuesday, June 25

Summer Hair Highlights

I decided to brighten up for SUMMER! Being a dark brunette I don't exactly get natural golden highlights in my hair just from being outside in the sun. I love the look of highlights but it's tricky to do on your own if you have dark hair. It often ends up too chunky, brassy, and like you're from the 90's when you DIY. I love to change my hair practically every season. I get very bored with having the same hairstyle, cut, or color for too long so when I got the chance to be a hair demo for a Matrix class in a salon I couldn't refuse the offer!

Kasi was my hair color expert from the JCPenny Salon in Hiram, GA 30141. Kasi Jennings is also a master stylist so you're in great hands if you go to her. She was professional and funny so there would no awkward silences while she's working on your hair. I vlogged my experience and also made a video on TheGreenSatchel about this.


Saturday, June 15

1K Giveaway!

I've reached over 1K subscribers in TheGreenSatchel on YouTube and I'm ecstatic about it! For that reason I will be having a summer GIVEAWAY on the channel. Everything is summer lovin inspired and I hope you like it. This isn't a blog giveaway but I still wanted to mention it as some of you are also subscribers there. It's very easy to enter. All you have to do is be a subscriber and leave a comment. The details are in the video and yes it is INTERNATIONAL :) YAY! 



Thank you to everyone that watches my videos and reads my blog. 
Love all of you!!!


Thursday, May 30


1. Micheal Todd Charcoal Detox BUY HERE
This is my second bottle of this cleanser. I rarely give cleansers a second chance because I'm so curious about all the other cleansers out there. This ain't bad! Never made me breakout :) 

2. Cinderella perfume 'So This Is Love' by Sephora -limited edition-
The notes are fresh aldehydes, plumeria, dewy hyacinth, tuberose, sheer jasmine, solar accord,  musks, plum, creamy woodsThe perfume is supposed to be romantic, light, delicate and I agree! I don't think I'll be using this a lot however only because I want to collect all the Disney princesses from this Sephora collection. 

3. Buxom Stay There Eyeshadow in 
Golden Retriever BUY HERE
It is a shimmer copper color that looks beautiful even just by itself. I've used it without any primer and it still stays on great! I love this shade. This has my my go-to quick and easy eyeshadow look lately. 

4. Milani Minerals Sweet Rose blush 
-available at most drugstores-
I love this blush! It's one of my most used because it's not super bright but gives a nice sweet rosy glow that isn't overbearing and looks natural. I use this more than all my MAC and NARS blushes! There is no shimmer in this and applies very smooth and not too powdery or chalky at all. 

5. Luxaddiction Cell Phone Case #447 
I like bling ok. Lots and LOTS of bling! So this is perfect. I just thought it was gorgeous and it is built quite well! No missing gems yet! I'm lovin the rose gold trend so I went with it. They have sales and they customize your case too for the same price! 

6. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory 
-sold in stores only-
I don't have a pic of it sorry but it's in my video! 
It's a gold faux leather bracelet with a gold chain on it. It fits my wrist perfectly and matches sooo many outfits so I had to get it :)

Check the video out for my current fails :) I also introduce my twins to you in it!!

What I'm Wearing In The Video

Naked 2 Palette - Verve, Bootycall, Busted, Toasted eyeliner
MAC- Carbon eyeshadow 
LORAC Front Of The Line - Black eyeliner 

Sephora - Crush lipstick
Make Up For Ever - 15 lipstick
Make Up For Ever - 10C lipliner

Milani - Sweet Rose blush

Illamasqua - Nomad
Nails INC - Chelsea Square 


Thursday, May 9

What To Do If You Lost Your Pet

You lost your pet! Did it run away? Kidnapped? Where could your baby be?! Losing a pet is one of your worst nightmares if you're a pet owner and that's exactly what happened to me a little over 2 weeks ago in April. 

(I know my story is long so if you like you may skip to the Tips listed right below.)

My Story
I always let him play outside in the grass where I can keep an eye on him. Everyone on my side of the building where I live all know each other. I was planting a flower. One second he was there, next he wasn't. He never strays and after a call or two he always runs back to me and drops whatever he was doing. Where was he? I called for him for a while and walked all around. No sign. My husband called for him for 4 hours and we searched everywhere and still no sign. I was positive he got snatched. He had his collar on so people would be able to tell that he belongs to someone. We left the door open all night  the first 2 nights hoping maybe he will run through it any moment. No doggie came through the door. 


Friday, March 29

FOOD | Easter Egg Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for Easter!

The Cupcakes
Box mix for white cake with fluffy white frosting on top. Yum! For the pastel green frosting I mixed about 1/3 of a packet of Duncan Hines Frosting Creations in Mint Chocolate chip. It made the frosting very smooth and soft from all the stirring. 

I was going to use coconut shavings for the nests but changed my mind and used Baker's semi-sweet chocolate instead and chopped them up into little slivers. The white cupcakes have a sprinkle of coconut shavings. The eggs are solid milk  chocolate Cadbury Mini Eggs. I was looking for malted milk eggs but I couldn't find any at my Target. I think the malted eggs would taste better because whatever dye Cadbury used for the shell does not taste that great. 

Tuesday, March 26

NC Trip Pictures

Tony and I went up to NC for a couple days to get some work done while visiting family and friends. We couldn't push it back any further and really needed to make time for that. I believe it keeps you well grounded. Time flew by so fast! That's why I didn't make any videos this week or put up any posts on my blog. I did go shopping though so expect a lil haul soon before my spring makeup tutorial!

Mamabear and I. Yes, she is shorter than me! 

Friday, March 15

MAKEUP TUTORIAL | St. Patrick's Day Makeup

I wanted to do a natural smokey eye with a pop of color and a hint of glitter. I love glitter. 
You can't forget the glitter!

Wednesday, March 13

Paint, Roses, & Cupcakes O My!

A lil update! Last month was my birthday month sooo I was having fun the whole time getting spoiled. It's also a week away from Valentine's day so I got some extra lovin haha. It was an expensive month going out to eat often and I shopped A LOT more than usual. I didn't even post the things I bought but I wanted to share some lil tid bits! Hauling is another post! 

I came home one night from work to this. 
A table canvas? I don't even know I've never seen one before. Hubby said he remembers me saying I missed painting. Awwwww! Cheesy Valentine's Day flower pick included, it wasn't even Vday lol

Wednesday, March 6

REVIEW | Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy Swatches

These are all flakie polishes. Not meaning that they flake off your nail or anything but that the top coat gives a "flake" effect. To me they look like crystals or stones with all the edges and have a beautiful holographic effect. 

Friday, March 1

TASTY TRAVELS | Marietta Diner

306 Cobb Parkway
Marietta, GA 30060
Open 24/7

As Seen On Food Network 

Looks like a big 'ol shiny metallic diner from the outside and turns into the fanciest diner I've ever been to on the inside. The whole atmosphere changes. All the waiters and waitresses are uniformed, they ask you if you would like a booth or a table, the whole sha-bang! Diners are usually simple family owned businesses with homemade recipes. Maybe back in the day it was but Marietta Diner definitely is not that anymore. Being featured on Food Network's Diners, Dive-Ins and Dives did this diner a huge boost in business, I'm sure. I'm glad for them and I love that they used the money to good use because the place is lovely, the staff is nice, and they DO NOT skimp on their foods one bit! You get twice as much as you paid for. I've been to some diners, not too many, and this one is quite impressive. I want to go back there again and again til I have a taste of some more of their foods! Their menu is never ending and their desserts alone are good enough a reason to come here. 

-Spanakopita (Greek spinach pie) 
-A bbq burger (it's not on their online menu)
-Greek salad
-Onion rings
-Chicken Noodle Soup
-2 coffees
-Cannoli cake
-Tres Leches White cake

Our total was roughly $22 before coffee and cake.

Everything was delicious but we had to put it away to make room for dessert!
They have cakes, pies, cookies, pastries, tarts, milkshakes, and cheesecakes. 
Can you say variety?


The cakes are a little over $7 a slice and every penny is worth it.
Marietta Diner puts Cheesecake Factory to shame in price, taste, and quality.
I ate my cake for 2 days. 

I didn't eat a single thing that I did not love. I'm afraid I might get addicted to their sweets because I want to try them all! Like I mentioned earlier you get MORE than you paid for. The portions were HUGE. My Greek dish was only a little over $10 and the spinach pie was bigger than my hand. We were both able to take home food and have enough for another meal. They are open all day everyday and serve breakfast foods all day. Their menu has Italian, Seafood, and Greek from what I saw. The price isn't bad either and naturally they go up for seafood. If you are in the area or are driving by, I would highly recommend you stop and try this place out! 


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