Wednesday, July 31

REVIEW | L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

What Is It?
L'Oreal's newest foundation in the market that claims the foundation turns into a powder once on contact with skin leaving you with a natural finish. Really? I've never tried anything like that before! Also with a name like that I had to try it! I've tried cream to powder but never liquid to powder. I know some higher end companies have come out with this kind of product but L'Oreal is the first to do so in the drugstore department.

Tuesday, July 16

MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Music Festival

This is a look I would do if I were going to a Summer Music Festival! 
I wish I had one to go to :( 

I'm an Aquarius so I sort of designed it with happy summer 
colors and something that would match my personality.

Monday, July 8

REVIEW | Garnier BB Cream Combination to Oily Skin in Medium/Deep

Every drugstore BB Cream I've tried has been a fail for my skin type. Too oily, too thick, color was wrong, broke me out, blotchy looking. I was convinced that the Smashbox BB Cream was the ONLY one that would work for me. It's great an all but at $40 a pop at Sephora, it's just too pricey.  I would rather buy a foundation. I don't think BB Creams are even worth that much considering American BB Creams are just glorified tinted moisturizers. 

When Garnier first came out with their BB Cream there was a lot of buzz but I didn't bother trying it. Now that they have an option for darker skin tones AND combination to oil skin I'm was curious to try it. At around $12 it sure as heck beats the price of the Smashbox one. 

Here is my first impression and how I apply it!
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