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REVIEW | Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

I've been playing with this foundation for 2 weeks now. I take that this is going to be the drugstore's version of Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation. I do not have the pressed powder so this review will strictly be on the foundation alone. 

I picked up 200 Warm Beige but I had a hard time picking it out between that one and some other beige that was a tad bit lighter. I am normally an NC 37. The only reason I picked this over the lighter one is because it looked more yellow. I have golden/yellow undertones. The Target I went to only had about 9 out of the 16 available shades. Once I looked over all the shades at Revlon's site I realized my perfect somewhere..out there. Just not in my hands *sniff* and this is why I hate picking out foundations where testers are not available.

Revlon claims it to be make up that is so "refreshingly light, it melts right in, creating a fresh even look. So the only one who knows you are wearing makeup is you. Blends seamlessly, buildable coverage." It's basically supposed to look like your skin and feel light.

Oooo it's so liquidy. It's a very watery foundation and felt light on my oily skin. It actually has a slight cooling sensation while applying. It felt so nice! I immediately knew it was just a tad bit too dark because once I applied it on my cheeks and nose they appread a little tanner. No worries really because summer is on it's way. I also happen to have a face that is not an even shade all over and the outer parts are darker than the rest. This foundation has light-medium coverage and a natural skin finish. Not matte, no shimmer, and not  extremely dewy. It just looked like healthy well moisturized skin. 

To be fair I wore concealer and primer below and a setting powder on top. I do this every time I wear foundation so it just wouldn't seem fair if I had not. I did NOT blot a single time throughout the day and had it on for about 11.5 hours straight. I personally think a foundation should last for at least 5 hrs. 

I have on primer and concealer under my eyes and where needed

without setting powder and blush


-feels cool and light on skin
-spf 20
-looks as natural as liquid foundation can
-blends easy
-looks nice in person
-price for 1oz (I paid a little over $7 at target!)
-does have matching face powder in the line
-no breakouts or irritation

-looks horrible on camera
-no oil control for us grease monkeys out there
-melts off face faster than most foundations
-no pump
-no testers available

This is not intended for long wear. It is supposed to look just like skin. I loved the way it applied and it was not thick or cakey at all. There is no way you can wear this foundation without a little setting powder or blotting it throughout the day unless you have very dry skin. I looked like a greaseball within an hour! It blended easily and I can see someone trying to layer it up for more coverage but I do not think you will get much coverage even out of that. Overall I do like it for a light foundation but it's not a good choice for oily skin. It's the lightest liquid foundation I have ever tried and didn't feel heavy on my skin. I just wish my store provided all the colors and I can see people using this as a nice light everyday foundation. If you need lots of cover up and heavy coverage this is not going to work for you. For what it's worth, price, what it claims, and all that shebang I give it a 3

5-Must have!
4-Worth buying
3-It's alright but I can live without it
2-I don't recommend this
1-Waste of money! Stay away from this as it may cause you to have a bad bad day.

BEST Results
I achieved the best results with this foundation by using Miracle Skin Transformer as a primer beneath the foundation instead of my regular Smashbox primer. Miracle Skin Transformer kept it matte longer than usual and looked quite lovely in person and didn't photograph so bad either! I wore it for about 6+ hrs in these pics. My skin had a rough time in December so I have lots of scars and this is the smoothest it's been lately.

6+ Hrs and NO blotting/touch up

I recorded a video on my first impression and the application of this foundation. Until I figure out this new program I got for editing videos and post it up on YouTube, I hope you enjoyed this written review! Have you tried this? How did it work for you? If you have leave a link to your review so I can check it out too!



  1. you are lookin ah-mazing in the final pictures....... love the glow

  2. Looks great, I was going to try it out.. but I usually don't wear foundations with such light coverage.

  3. I wish a light liquidy foundation like that kept your MATTE. That would be a dream!


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