Sunday, March 4

Let me introduce you

Hello my lovely ladies and gents!

My name is Bushra. Once upon a time (about 2010) I used to blog as "Le Midge" and created videos on YouTube as "MidgetMakeup". I began making YouTube videos around 2006 when only a handful of people shared their love for beauty on that site. Back in the day it used to be as a slideshow with music playing in the background. Ah..the days when it was so easy to add music to your videos! I didn't make videos often because it was very time consuming, I was about to start college, and because of my lovely desi-bengali parents. I'd record in my room when they were busy watching Hindi soap operas downstairs so they couldn't hear me talking to myself, haha.

Once I finished college I took a bit of time off for myself. I moved out on my own and enjoyed working and just living life. I loved it. I took time to find myself, everyone should! I didn't answer to anyone, I read books by the pool, I cherished time with my friends. I didn't even watch tv or have internet for a few months. Crazy huh?! But it can be done! It was like a detox for living life! I was alone and I was doing me and I enjoyed every minute of it. I am very happy for that time between me, myself, and I.

During the last few months (2011-12) due to my job I was not able to have my life on blast. Everything had to be on the down low. I didn't get to wear makeup and heels or cute little outfits. Not even ugly ones. I just had to wear my uniform, the end. The first thing I bought when I regained my freedom of style was a purse. A green satchel. It made me so happy! It reminded me of the days I used to blog and make YouTube videos. I missed it so much. I missed it even more when I received messages now and then about how someone missed my videos or why I don't make videos and if I'm coming back. I kept saying I was coming back. Well, I'm back! And better than ever :) I missed all of you so much! By the way, I live close to Atlanta now. So exciting! I haven't had time to go around the city yet though so I look forward to sharing my new city with you all.

Before I go I want to mention that this blog is a subject of my attraction. At times some topics may not be for the weak of heart or the young soul. Don't say I didn't warn you! It's not strictly a beauty or fashion or food or fitness blog. It's everything all rolled into one. Just like me :)



  1. Well that's great timing since I just discovered your old blog and liked it! Gorgeous.

  2. Its good to hear you're back lovely! Missed it and wow! compared to your previous blog you sound so much more grown up =D its a good thing..cant wait to see what else you have to share xoxo

  3. aww yay glad to see your back :) xoxo

  4. omg i'm super super glad that ur back...i missed reading ur blog entries, watchin ur YT videos and all =)

  5. welcome back! you were my first few YT beauty gurus. Miss you heaps!

  6. I'm so glad you're back! Loved your videos and loved your posts! And I know what you mean about the uniform! I was in the military for 5 years, so I know what you are/were going through. Cant wait to read your future posts!

  7. I am so glad your back! Yay, I used to love your fotds on specktra and used to watch your videos :)
    Welcome back!

  8. Yay you're back :))) I loved your old blog :)

  9. Wow, finally I just discovered your YouTube videos(watched every single one of them and learned sooooo much) they are awesome I love your tutorials on make up and hair I have been checking for new videos every week for two I'm glad I didn't give up! Don't stop! Congrats on every thing new in your life especially your marriage!

  10. YAY! I'm so glad to see you again. You've always been my favy!

  11. OMG I can't believe I found you again!!! Love your YouTube videos and blogs. Please don't go anywhere now:) AND yes I would love to hear your experience with your family.

  12. Finally! You're back (: We all missed you. You were the first youtube makeup guru thingy i subscribed too.. <3 Welcome back

  13. Hi B

    Wondering if you could do a video on what eye shadows colors go together.. i notice you often mix many colors together. Also what eye shadows and lipsticks.

    Thank you B.

    D :-)

    1. Yes i agree that would be cool.



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