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REVIEW | L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Crayon Concealer

 L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Crayon Concealer

This was a requested review, so here it is! 

These are twist up stick concealers that come in 6 shades by L'Oreal. They only contain .1 oz of product and coast me around $7 at Target and Walmart. I got one from each. The pencil itself looks chubby but when you roll it up it's only 1.5 inches of product. Yeah...that's it. They had 2 medium shades that I thought might suit me so I picked up both just to be sure since drugstores do not have testers readily available. I picked up N4-5 and W4-5. I will assume N = neutral and W = warm. 




 ! ! ! WARNING ! ! !

I have lots of acne scars. You don't believe me? Here it is...



I have on primer, concealer, and buffed on Neutrogena Mineral Foundation. 
No blotting. 



To watch application video!

First Impression
It's creamy, good coverage, blends easy. It's a really good match (N4-5)! Then after work I looked in the mirror and to my surprise it was still holding on strong. If I blotted I would be less greasy and if I had liquid foundation on instead of mineral powder foundation I'm positive you wouldn't see some of the darker marks. With just powder on top you can see some of the darker scars. I've used MAC's Studio Finish concealer before and it normally looks great at first but vanishes throughout the day. L'Oreal's concealer beat MAC's! Holly molly. 

-affordable around $7 USD
-available in drugstores
-good quality
-blends easy
-long lasting
-full coverage
-matches my skin tone!
-easy application with twist up feature
-does not break me out!
-excellent for blemishes

-for the price you barely get anything
-not best for dark undereye circles

5-Must have!
4-Worth buying
3-It's alright but I can live without it
2-I don't recommend this
1-Waste of money! Stay away from this as 
it may cause you to have a bad bad day.
I can live with the con but I do see myself using this up incredibly fast due to the amount of scars I have to cover. The way it applies you end up using a good bit of product as well. The day I reach my dream skin I will be satisfied with paying $7 for so little product. It may sound silly but you pay $7 for .1oz and MAC's Studio Finish is $18 for .24oz. It kind of ends up costing the same if not more! I do love how long it stays and how easy it is to blend. It also never broke me out! I'd say the way the pros and cons weigh out I rate this a 5! I found my next drugstore spot concealer that I will be using everyday! 

Have you ever tried this concealer? If so, how did it work out? If you haven't I hope you give it a try ♥



  1. Hey B, in your video you said you would state it if broke you out but I don't see you mentioning anything in this post. I'm looking for a good concealer to cover my scarring(I have about the same amount as you), and I would love if this product can do it without breaking me out. Lately I've been using Clinique products to help with my acne and the Clinique Even Better foundation just daily, and it's really helped even out my skin tone and help fade the marks. You should go to their counter and ask for a sample of the foundation, it's amazing!

  2. It didn't break me out and I mentioned it twice, once in the pros and once in the last paragraph :)

  3. Lol sorry, I totally overlooked it. Thanks!

  4. In the daylight picture your skin blends more seamless with the W and the N looks pink on you. Youre defintely yellow undertoned. Thanx for the swatches beend looking on the net for some

  5. Hi love your review :) Got to try L'oreal true blend powder and see the results myself :)) First read about this product on and they highly recommend it also!


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