Wednesday, October 30

REVIEW | Milani Violet Volt Color Statement Lipstick + Swatches

Milani's Violet Volt is said to be a dupe for MAC's Heroine lipstick (limited edition). I missed out on Heroine and am just not willing to pay the $99.99 for it on Amazon. Yes, it really is that much, if you don't believe it do an Amazon search yourself.

Unbelievable, right?

REVIEW | Maybelline On The Runway Fall 2013 Lipstick

I was on the hunt for purple lipsticks that looked similar to MAC's limited edition lipstick Heroine. It's a beautiful bright creamy purple color. As I hit Walgreen's my eye caught Maybelline's display of their new fall collection. The limited edition collection is called On The Runway and it features lipsticks, glosses, palettes, and nail polishes. All of which might I add have bright and bold shades of shades of purple and fuchsia. They have four creme finish lipsticks available.

#1005 Midnight Plum (deep black plum) 
#1000 Lavender Voltage (cool bright purple)
#995 Violet Intrigue ( warm purple with a hint of pink)
#990 Fuchsia Fierce (warm bright candy pink)

Since I was on a mission to get some purple lipsticks to add to my collection, I picked up both of the purples.

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