Sunday, May 27

Clark Hill Park + A Hello!

A little update:

I'm home!!! As I sit here unpacking my what feels like hundreds of boxes of clothing and house ware items I wanted to take a break and share with you what's goin on. I've been home for about a week just relaxing and taking a little break from working. I visited my mom and the husband was introduced in person for the first time ever. See, me being desi and him being NOT it was a little complicated at first. We've been recording little tidbits of our marriage adventures. I don't know if I would want to share them to the public but would any of you be interested in watching? I know a lot of desis have actually asked to share our experience and how we broke it down to the parents. I'll just tell you this for now, it wasn't pretty.

Here are some pictures I took at Clark Hill Park in SC. If you have a chance to go, GO! It's absolutely beautiful and I wish I had known about it earlier. Every spot seems to have a different view. It's huge and perfect for picnics, family time, jogs, or romantic strolls. They have trails and cabins and horseback riding and everything! It's seriously one of the prettiest parks I've been to. Too bad I didn't have enough time to explore more of it.

I was greeted by vultures (?) ...creepy!

our perfect little spot away from people ^_^  
I was hoping no pinecones would fall on me 

 the dam had nice picnic areas very close to it



  1. so glad you finally made it home. Look forward to seeing more frm you on this site and youtube. Trust tht God has sent you the gift of a good man and others will grow to love him as you do. Congrats!!!! Im @jamesmommie1/

  2. Hi beauty B.
    great to read you and have news :) I would love to hear how everything happened you seem to be very happy by the way, so just live whatever you have to live !
    Love you <3
    Lady Dee

  3. Wow that place looks beautiful. I especially love the 5th and 8th pic. I would love to see a vlogs about your life. it would be interesting to see especially for us desi girls!

  4. What a beautiful place!
    I'm really interested to know about your life and story...
    Am Bengali too...
    Really glad your back onto youtube and am enjoying your blog.
    Thank you (:


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