Welcome to my blog! My name is Bushra. Ever since I could remember I have always had a passion for art. My dream was to become an artist. I officially began doing makeup artistry in 2005. I have a dangerous obsession with dying my hair, makeup, and anything sparkly. I grew up in North Carolina for most of my life and currently reside in Georgia with my husband and our 3 puppies Guiness, Diesel, and Duchess.

I originally began my humble abode on the www making YouTube videos and had another blog prior to this one. I took a break and decided to focus on my career. One day I was out and about and purchased a green purse with leopard interior. It hit me right then and there about how much I longed to blog and create videos. I had to come back! That green satchel inspired the creation of this blog. I blogged for a bit then was forced to give more attention to my military career. No matter, I will continue to write on this blog and focus primarily on product reviews. Thank you for stopping by - I hope you stay for a while!


  1. Girl you are such a`s incredible! You have so much talent...i love your Videos...
    Love Greetings from a Girl from Germany :-)

  2. I use to watch you on youtube as midgetmakeup...the last video I remember watching was when your nose ring was ripped out and you went to the parlor to get it redone. Then it popped out again! I just recently (2 days ago) found you on Youtube again under your new Green satchel. I loved your videos. SO GLAD I REDISCOVERED YOU!


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