Wednesday, December 19

HAUL | Clothing + Accessories

God knows how long it's been since I went shopping for clothes!
I've been sticking to household items and interior decorating lately but I decided to splurge a little when I was visiting my friends.

$5 silky chain dress!

Thursday, December 6


I love ornaments. They're so pretty!! I didn't even want any dark colors on my tree but once I bought those teal flowers I had to add a lil color. I didn't buy any normal ornaments yet haha, just tiny lil round ones and  various random ones. My tree has little birds all over it too which I find sooo cute!! And apparently so does Guiness because when I came home from work I found my tree on the FLOOR! -_- He broke a couple of ornaments, chewed a glittery pine cone to death, and chewed off the tail of one of my birdies lol. I had to redo the whole tree for these pics and I'm not done decorating but this is it so far!

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