Tuesday, January 29

REVIEW | Maybelline Color Sensational VIVID Lipstick Review + Swatches

I wanted to see if they really were that vivid on my pigmented lips so I picked up some up. 
For only $5.50 at Target or Walmart you really can't beat the price!

Pink Pop, Fuchsia Flash, Hot Plum, Brazen Berry

Tuesday, January 22

Affordable iPhone Cases

I have the iPhone 4 and don't care too much about upgrading to the iPhone 5 so that means...
iPhone 4 cases are now very VERY affordable!


I got all 3 of these cases + a bow piece to go into the place where headphones would plug in 
for only....*drumroll* $10! (INCLUDING shipping!)
Speaking of shipping, it was slow. Took 3-4 weeks and separately because 
they were not all from the same seller. I ordered them early December.

I loves me a good deal. 
All items are from

I'm currently using the swirly gold one and I think the mint one will be perfect for when spring rolls around.
They are all made fine and my only issue is that the black sparkly one has one silver sparkle.
It bothers me -_-

Thursday, January 17

HAUL | LORAC + Sephora OPI

LORAC Close Up & LORAC Eye Travel In Style 
Very impressed with their kits. Everything is FULL size! 
Definitely worth the buy and not to mention their quality is outstanding.

Saturday, January 12

REVIEW | Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

I've been playing with this foundation for 2 weeks now. I take that this is going to be the drugstore's version of Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation. I do not have the pressed powder so this review will strictly be on the foundation alone. 

Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

As tradition follows, I've been thinking about ways to improve my life in 2013 and have been taking mental notes for a week now. I for one loved 2012 and it was a year that I will never forget! It was a very good year for me and along with the good came the bad but overall I felt very blessed by the end of last year. These mean nothing to the ordinary but they are milestones in my life.
  • 1 Year Anniversary married to the love of my life
  • My parents met and approved the love of my life
  • My parents moved to Bangladesh which means I can't crutch on them by any means. I'm a real adult now. SCARY.
  • Working for and being in the military has taught me more than I can imagine. Thanks to the Army I appreciate and view things like family and TIME differently. I feel like that's all I want more of from life. Time and family. They're two things that once they're gone, they're gone. You can't replace time and family but you can use what time you have left to make wiser decisions and always love your family more.  Also, any time I feel like I can't I think of what I did and how long I've come. It makes the problem in front of me seem like child's play. 
  • I moved away from North Carolina. Something I've always wanted to do but was very afraid to because of the fear of losing my friends.
  • Tony and I adopted Guiness! He is my baby!! I understand the love pet owners have for their lil ones now.
  • My 3rd Christmas with Tony went by and we finally got our first tree. I've been wanting a white Christmas tree for years! It was also a blessing to have presents under it :)
  • I stopped biting my nails. Thank god I don't have gremlin fingers anymore!
  • Last year I was able to maintain the best shape of my life and the healthiest me for at least half a year. In the past it was for 1 week or 2 max. Great improvement I say ;)

And now onto goals for 2013...

  • Get more organized around the home. I can't wait to go shopping for baskets and pretty boxes, haha!

  • Make smoothies 2x a week

  • Cut down on coffee and caffeine in general. My poor teeth!

  • Walk Guiness for at least 1 hr a week but until it gets warm try 30 mins. His lil body starts to shiver in the cold.

  • Start painting again

  • Read more books. Maybe 1 per month. Easier said than done for me! Last year I only read the Hunger Games series and lots of magazines...and that was it! No good.

  • Now that I've got blogging down as a regular part of my life, time to commit some more time to YouTube!

  • Start doing outfit of the days no matter how horrid the comments may be about my body or style. I  just want to look back and laugh at my "fashion" sense really haha!

I hope that you are ready to start 2013 with a bang! What are your new year resolutions? I would love to hear them! By the end of January I will also be giving away a Sephora Gift Card to one lucky subscriber who comments and participates the most on my blog. Which honestly shouldn't even be all that hard considering I don't post every single day or have that many followers! I just wanted to show that I really do appreciate you all for even taking the time to take a peek at my blog. Thank you and love you all!


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