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What To Do If You Lost Your Pet

You lost your pet! Did it run away? Kidnapped? Where could your baby be?! Losing a pet is one of your worst nightmares if you're a pet owner and that's exactly what happened to me a little over 2 weeks ago in April. 

(I know my story is long so if you like you may skip to the Tips listed right below.)

My Story
I always let him play outside in the grass where I can keep an eye on him. Everyone on my side of the building where I live all know each other. I was planting a flower. One second he was there, next he wasn't. He never strays and after a call or two he always runs back to me and drops whatever he was doing. Where was he? I called for him for a while and walked all around. No sign. My husband called for him for 4 hours and we searched everywhere and still no sign. I was positive he got snatched. He had his collar on so people would be able to tell that he belongs to someone. We left the door open all night  the first 2 nights hoping maybe he will run through it any moment. No doggie came through the door. 


Guiness is my first dog. My parents never let me have a dog because they're "too expensive to take care of in America". For heavens sake my dad grew up in a household that raised tiger cubs for a while and my mom grew up breeding dogs and had so many cats and other animals it just blew my mind about why I couldn't have one pet. Not even a damn bird! I love my dog. It sounds crazy but if you've never had a pet who you feed, bathe, love, play with, and take care of everyday you just will not understand. When you're happy they run around you with excitement when you're sad they know and come cuddle with you. They love you unconditionally.

When Guiness was lost all I did was think of where he could be, if he was hungry, thirsty, soaked by pouring rain, or run over by an evil person. I would drive all around after work hoping to see him pop out of nowhere. I was successful at finding a few cats and a wild rabbit but no sign of my dog. I walked around with his favorite squeaky toy everyday. I even walked and drove around and looked for blood marks on the pavement in case he was hit by a car. I looked in the woods all over hoping to not find him dead. I didn't know if he was dead or alive, and not knowing was the worst part. During these times I would come home and cry a lot. Even while editing videos he was somewhere in the background so I would start to edit, pause the clip, and cry.

After our efforts I'm so relieved to say he was returned to us by a nice couple. THANK GOD. Someone found him in the parking lot of our closest gas station! They thought he was a stray and he had no collar on. Now I'm  even more convinced that someone had taken him first because Guiness had his collar on when I saw him last. This experience has taught me a few lessons and now that I know better I would like to share with you some tips on what to do if you lose your pet. I know pets sometimes just run away and you can't always prevent it but hopefully this never happens to me again or to any of you who have pets!

Safe and sound. How cute is he when he sleeps?!


1. Micro-chip. A micro-chip is an ID that holds the owner's contact information and it is inserted in the back of the neck. If your pet is found, shelters or vets can easily scan it and contact you.

2. Have your pet wear a collar when outside at all times. It is always a good idea to put a name tag on it as well where your phone number is somewhere on the plate.

3. Don't let them out of your sight. Even if your pet never strays, someone can easily steal them. It is not hard if your pet is friendly and likes treats.


1. Don't waste any time! Call out for them continuously looking at all the areas where they might be. Try not to sound frustrated or angry. Some pets hide when they think they're in trouble. As frustrated as you are try to sound happy and friendly.

2. Get the word OUT. Call Animal Rescue and all local shelters every day.

3. Check everyday. All you have to do is type in your zip code and it will give a list of nearby shelters. They put up pictures of all the animals found. 

4. Make a post on Craigslist and look through their lost and found section.

5. Social Media. If you're a part of any social media groups, use it to make an announcement! Join all local Facebook groups that help find missing pets and make a post with your pet's picture, information about your pet, and how they may contact you. My dog was found through a Facebook group!

6. Flyers. Make lots and lots of flyers. Your flyers need a large, clear picture explaining what they look like and your contact info. The title should be Lost Dog! or whatever your pet is in large letters.

  • Full page colored flyers are great around apartment mailboxes, stapled on trees where kids stand for school buses, and light posts. 
  • Laminate a few full page flyers that you can put on light posts so when it rains it will be fine. 
  • Use strong tape that will hold up against strong winds, skip the cheap thin kind for now.
  • Make sure you put them low enough and facing the area where cars will drive by. 
  • Half page black and white flyers are great to put on people's doors or stick inside mailboxes. 
  • If there is a trail by your home, post them along the trail. If there is construction going on by your home, inform them. Don't only put up flyers in your neighborhood but nearby ones as well. Ask nearby gas stations and restaurants if you may leave a flyer there. A lot of times domesticated animals will go to nearby restaurants because they smell food and are not afraid of people. My dog was picked up at a gas station!

7. Reward. If you can afford it, offer a reward. It's sad but sometimes pets get kidnapped on purpose knowing their owner will give a reward. Dognappers are known to steal and resell expensive breeds and a lot of times regular breeds are used for illegal dog fights.

8. Don't lose hope! I was lucky to have him returned so soon even though it felt like an eternity. Keep searching and making those calls. Every couple days or once a week go to the areas where you put up flyers and re-post if you need to. Be aggressive with your flyers and pet search because most of the time flyers get taken down and thrown away. You can't give up.

If you've lost your pet, I do hope some of these tips can help you. 
I know how scary it can be but you just have to have faith and hold on. 
I hope you find him or her soon! 



  1. When are you going to post another video? I just found out you made another youtube channel! I love it! Hope to see a new vid soonn.

  2. I'm so sorry you had to experience that, I'm glad you found him!


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