Friday, March 9


Pho Bac
Evans, GA 

I'm in Augusta, GA right now. I've been here for a few months. Very close to getting this job done and going home! I don't get to go out frolicking on my own very often. Once in a while when I don't have duty I'll go out to the Augusta Mall or eat out. Eat eat all I can! Eat eat for Uncle Sam! I love Vietnamese food. This place is small and a hidden gem!

Papaya Salad
Shrimp Pho
Beef Pho (the kind with brisket? forget) 
Fried Rice
Thai Tea

Started off with Papaya Salad. It was so fresh and delish! Just spicy enough. I loved it. It wasn't as spicy and made my nose run like how people from Laos make it. I do love me some spicy food though. 

The Shrimp Pho was for me. The broth was light and tasty.

Tony got the Beef Pho and was not a fan on it. He poured sauce all over it and made it worse. Haha. He gave up, had some of mine and liked it then ordered the rice. The rice was actually soo yummy. It's like the fried rice we make back home in Bangladesh! It tasted of home :) 

Thai Tea
My new favorite tea. It's sweet. Light. Refreshing. Perfect for summer. I'm craving it right now. 
You have to try it.

My Tea and I. Look how big that bowl is   o_o

For those of you that don't know, I love cooking. I love cooking because I love eating. All kinds of cuisines. And I don't count calories. I care about the taste and quality. No lie, usually taste wins over quality sometimes. Why? I have had some very bland fresh good quality foods. Yuck. If you're a friend of mine and we meet often for a meal, then you know my rule. We meet at a different place every time. How else will you know what delicious hidden gems are out there?

Pho Bac.
Here we go. Place wasn't packed when I went but it had customers and more came in later. The service was good. I read reviews and heard it was bad but I guess it was my lucky day. Our waiter was great and friendly and very helpful suggesting foods. Their waitresses were young school girls who were dressed in school girl outfits. White button up and plated black skirt with black striped stockings. Cute! Inside the place doesn't look that fancy. The food was very fresh and cooked right. The wait wasn't long. Papaya salad came within 5 mins and the main entrees in about 15. I liked the Pho but Tony likes fake Pho so he couldn't handle the authenticity of it lol. They brought out a little plate of extra greens for us to put in the pho. Other places I've been to has a whole buffet bar for your add ons. Good service. Great food. Can't wait to go back and get some of that tea, papaya salad, and try a new dish. Ah so good. 

I have to learn how to make it that tea! Anyone know a recipe for it? Or know a good food blog or site with great easy to prepare asian recipes? Because if you do, please do share! 



  1. So happy to see that you are back to blogging! When are you going to come back to Youtube? If ever?

  2. When I have better internet connection at home :) and a real tripod haha I don't wanna use books like I did in college

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  4. I lived in Augusta, GA for 10 years and moved away about 6 years ago. It truly has grown a lot I was told, especially in the Evans area (where I last lived). Before I moved we didn't even have a Sephora! Nice to know the restaurants are also becoming more diverse!


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