Tuesday, August 28

REVIEW | L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream 

What is it?
BB cream is a "beauty balm" or "blemish balm" that provides multiple benefits to protect and perfect the skin. It was originally made to wear after laser procedures and surgeries. They've been popping up all over the US market within the last year but I've tested out a few a couple years back from Korea. Apparently they've been around since the 80's. L'Oreal claims that this BB cream will prime, perfect, hydrate, and correct for a flawless bare skin finish.
Cost: $7.96 (WalMart)

Coverage: Light



No Flash

It comes out opaque, white, and fluid. It's not thick or creamy but it feels gritty. There are color beads that burst to deposit the actual shade.

It takes a while to blend in and even then it ends up blotchy around the edges. I find that it's best applied with fingers because your body temperature will help melt the beads into your skin. 
I can't imagine this working well with a sponge or brush.  

(It's on my left side) 

No Flash


I wiped a little off and on the tissue it looked just like my skin tone

Gave a light matte finish. Didn't blend too beautifully.
                                     Flash                                           No Flash

No oxidation
                          No  Flash                                                     Flash                        

After 10 HRS
Minimal shine considering I did not blot once today to see how oily I would get

                                   Flash                                              No Flash


  • Affordable ($7.96 at walmart)
  • Light and comfortable on skin
  • Matte finish
  • Evened out a little bit of my skin


  • Did not hide or "perfect" my hyper-pigmentation around my chin
  • Not the best match for olive/golden skin tones
  • No Spf
  • No anti-aging qualities like in original Asian BB Creams
  • No acne mark fading/brightening qualities like in original Asian BB Creams
  • Hard to blend
  • Only fingers work for blending it in because of the beads

When I first used it, I loved this product because of the matte finish. Then I used it again and realized it didn't really work for me anymore. I had high hopes for this BB Cream but the truth is, it's not even a BB cream. It doesn't do all the things that BB creams are known for nor does it do all the things L'Oreal claims it should. The consistency is awful and gritty. After spending over 5 minutes trying to blend it in properly for even coverage it did not work well with other kinds of makeup on top. My powder bronzer and powder blush just sat on top looking rather dusty. I thought maybe it would oxidize a little and settle into my skin better with time but it did not. This is not a great shade for olive or golden skin tones or people with yellow undertones. My forehead and chin area looked rather ashy. It did a nice job making my pores disappear but I need a little more than a mattifying effect from my BB cream. One more thing to add, NO spf?! This does not work well with other textures and formulas so it would have been slightly better if made with some spf. 

Has this worked for you? I also tried L'Oreal's Youth Code Illuminating BB Cream. I bought this hoping it was a real BB cream that I did not have to order internationally online. Fail. 



  1. Thank you for such a good post. What Asian BB creams would you recommend and where do you get them from? Keep it up and thanks for being so helpful xoxo

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