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REVIEW | L'Oreal Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator

L'Oreal BB Cream Illuminator Youth Code
in Medium

What is it?
It's a BB Cream by L'Oreal Paris. It's an Asian inspired "beauty balm" that is supposed to provide multiple benefits for the skin. I love L'oreal's Youth Code line so when I saw this  I was intrigued and had to buy it. This BB cream claims that it will even, illuminate, perfect, moisturize, and correct. Since it's from the Youth Code line it will naturally be a little more expensive because it has more ingredients to fight signs of aging. L'oreal has another cheaper BB Cream already out in the market and you can view my review of it HERE

Cost: A little over $13.00 + tax (at walmart)

Coverage: medium

Color Selection: Horrible. They have Light & Medium

Packaging: 2.5 oz flip cap

15 SPF

I have hyper pigmentation on the lower part of my face 


                     No Flash                                                       Flash


  • It was very thick and creamy
  • There is no need of moisturizing prior to applying 
  • Dewy finish
  • Easy to blend into skin

The color match is close but due to the pinkish beige undertone it does not fit my skin perfectly. I have olive/golden toned skin. It's a shame they have only 2 shades in this day and age. Perhaps they are just testing it out in the market for now.  

                 The finish is nice and dewy.
                 It does even out your skin.                                                                                       

After 1 hr

 After 8 hrs

  • Easy to find in drugstores
  • Can blend with fingers or brush
  • Moisturizing 
  • Has SPF
  • Evens out skin
  • It does what it claims
  • Anti-aging benefits include vitamin B3 and CG which are antioxidants for brightening the skin
  • Very creamy
  • Need to blot often
  • Price for a drugstore makeup is high
This product actually did everything it said it would! I would consider this more of a BB Cream compared to the other ones out in the American Market because it does have brightening and anti-aging properties along with SPF. Considering there are not many cons, I still did not like this product. It is much too oily for me. I have oily-combination skin and when I use products that have too much moisture in it, I break out. This did not break me out but I did not wait around to see if it would. If you have dry skin and fall into the same color family, try it out! The formula is nice. I would add a stronger SPF along with this. Also, even if you have normal skin, I would probably carry around some blotting papers for the tzone. Sadly for me because of the fact that I could feel it sitting on my skin grossed me out and I just knew right away that it would not work for me. The color selection is poor offering only 2 shades both gearing toward the lighter end. The coverage is medium, which I like for every day use. I love L'Oreal's Youth Code line and I wanted to love this BB Cream but I was a grease monkey by the end of the night! 

Have any of you tried it? Did it work for you? Would you like me to review some other products? 


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