Thursday, December 6


I love ornaments. They're so pretty!! I didn't even want any dark colors on my tree but once I bought those teal flowers I had to add a lil color. I didn't buy any normal ornaments yet haha, just tiny lil round ones and  various random ones. My tree has little birds all over it too which I find sooo cute!! And apparently so does Guiness because when I came home from work I found my tree on the FLOOR! -_- He broke a couple of ornaments, chewed a glittery pine cone to death, and chewed off the tail of one of my birdies lol. I had to redo the whole tree for these pics and I'm not done decorating but this is it so far!

 The lil guy who got his tail eaten off lol

Now all I need are normal sized round ornaments, a tree skirt, and some presents under that tree!
Curtains for the window wouldn't hurt. I had curtains...I just have no idea where they went after we moved.

Ornaments are from:
clay snowflakes & round handmade glass - JCPenny
birds & mini round glass - PX
golden glittery pine cones - Target
large flowers - Kirklands 
tree - Walmart

Do you decorate during the holidays? I like feeling festive for whatever the occasion is :) 
At my parent's we used to put up lights outside and tinsel and poinsettias around the staircases. 
I have a video of the fallen tree but just having a hard time finding TIME to edit all these videos! 


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