Monday, February 11

BEST (AND WORST!) | Grammy Awards 2013

I don't really watch award shows let alone aware of when they're on tv. I used to keep up but I was busy watching the last Harry Potter movie cuddled up on the couch =D Normally the next morning after an award show I realize what I had missed and I look through hundreds of pictures of the starlet's fashion choices and makeup. That's what I enjoy the most anyway besides the worst dressed list!

***Do keep in mind that these are my opinions! Feel free to disagree!***


Chrissy Teigen

Taylor Swift

Carrie Underwood


Kelly Rowland

#1  Janelle Monae!
I think she looks effortlessly chic and flawless. Her smug face just says "yeah...I know I'm cool. I got this."

The IFFY Ones

I love a black & white contrast but it just looks a bit casual for the Grammy's imo.

Katy Perry
Absolutely love the color of the dress along with the embellishments 
AND the fact that it's long sleeved but I hate the bottom.
I don't like the way it falls around the feet.

Florence Welch
I thought the dress was pretty cool actually. It was a fun dress! 


I see you trying to do an Angelina Leg and your bun needs a sock in it! What IS that? 
It looks like a dollop of creamed out poop on your head. 

I don't like the print, the neckline, the sleeves, the shoes, the hair, the anything...

O Ashanti you are so beautiful. I don't like the tiny flowers I suppose. 
Maybe if it were large watercolor inspired flowers but I just didn't like this dress.


I don't think I should even name these ladies below but there are more where that came from =/ !

Who were your favorites? Worst dressed? Post a link! I like those the best haha 


Disclaimer: None of the pictures posted above were taken by me. 

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  1. Rihanna's dress was probably my favorite. I love how flow-y it is and that color is just awesome. And I think I have to agree with you on the worst dressed people...I don't even know what they were thinking.


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