Tuesday, June 25

Summer Hair Highlights

I decided to brighten up for SUMMER! Being a dark brunette I don't exactly get natural golden highlights in my hair just from being outside in the sun. I love the look of highlights but it's tricky to do on your own if you have dark hair. It often ends up too chunky, brassy, and like you're from the 90's when you DIY. I love to change my hair practically every season. I get very bored with having the same hairstyle, cut, or color for too long so when I got the chance to be a hair demo for a Matrix class in a salon I couldn't refuse the offer!

Kasi was my hair color expert from the JCPenny Salon in Hiram, GA 30141. Kasi Jennings is also a master stylist so you're in great hands if you go to her. She was professional and funny so there would no awkward silences while she's working on your hair. I vlogged my experience and also made a video on TheGreenSatchel about this.


What you DON'T see is that I have black hair on the inside. 
I was told to leave it like that 2 weeks prior so the stylist could fix it.


(with flash)

 (without flash)


1 comment:

  1. Your hair looks beautiful! I want highlights all over like this, but I'm not sure if they would look good on me.


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