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REVIEW | Reveal 2 Palette

What is it?
CoastalScents' answer to all the prayers from those of us who find it hard to spend over $50 for a couple of eye shadows. This is more than a dupe for Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette. I say more because it offers 20 beautiful shades, Naked 3 offers only 12.  Thank you Gods of Makeup! Look below for swatches and all the pros and cons of this palette. 

A few simple looks I did for work. I use this everyday!

  • Price ($19.95 USD)
  • 20 shadows 
  • Pigmentation
  • Packaging

  • Packaging
  • No names
This palette gets two thumbs up from me. I'm going to do the opposite and get the cons out of the way. The only things I don't like about this palette is the fact that none of the eye shadows have names and that the packaging is cheap and made of cardboard. You may have noticed that the packaging is also a pro on my list. How can that be? It is so slim and light it takes up barely any space in my collection and it's very travel friendly. I took this baby for my trip to Charleston. I would suggest putting paper towels between the lid and shadows and wrap it around with some more paper towels or an actual towel to ensure it is packed tight if you are flying. 

Everything else is great about the Reveal 2 palette! The pigmentation is great! It's a powder shadow that yes, with use gets a little messy but that happens with all my powder eye shadow palettes. You may remember that I had a complaint about Urban Decay's palettes about being made with cheap glue. Their eye shadows pop out of the container and they are very dusty. I love the colors but I expect much better quality from something that cost me over $50. How about they stop worrying about the damn packaging and work on the formula instead? CoastalScents Reveal 2 has 20 eye shadows that are ALL great. All the colors are usable and work great with one another. I could always use more mattes but the transition colors are great here. Also, the price is right. For about $20 you just can't go wrong here (don't forget CoastalScents sometimes has sales too!). Catching the palette on sale or not, you won't be disappointed. Click HERE to purchase!

Product sample was sent for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

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