Wednesday, November 21

Mr. & Mrs. Clunie

Hi everyone! I've been out of state catching up with old friends, going to a wedding, saying hello to my new baby niece, then showing my city to a friend after I got back! I've been running all over place preparing for thanksgiving and planning for black friday too while working. I'm actually super excited about that, I just hope I actually DO get up at 5 and run out the door. Speaking of out the door, that's exactly where my diet and workout plan went once I hit NC. My friends took me to Red Robin, Cheesecake Factory, Red Bowl, etc. I didn't care I just wanted to have fun haha! Here are some pics from my pumpkin's best friend's fall inspired wedding :) ! His family is from Jamaica and my goodness can his momma cook!! The house was full of people and I stayed with them. It reminded me of Bengali weddings and I loooved it and felt so welcomed and close to home. They are the sweetest!! 

My pumpkin and my cute mommy in law shakin their booties
The cranberry one was my fav <3 soo yummy!


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