Monday, November 26

Our 1st Thanksgiving

Our 1st Thanksgiving!
...ALONE =( 

We were going to go up to Maryland again but then we realized it was just too much driving for the moment. We were up there only a week ago anyway and that 12 hour drive is not a joke! Alone, yes but we had fun cooking and bickering all day. I also was able to dye my hair in the meantime haha.

Apple Strudel Pancakes *deliiiiicious!*
I thought I'd be romantic for myself. That heart shaped pancake was made by me FOR me. O yeah. 

Our Cajun butterball flavored turkey from Archer Farms. It was SO moist and tender!! 
I got mad he started carving it before I could take a picture of it.

Tukey. Baked Macaroni. Green Bean Casserole. Buttery buiscuits. Pumpkin pie. Gravy. 
Stuffing. Sweet Potato. Deviled eggs. Sauerkraut (ekh not my thing)

We were missing cranberry chutney. 
I realized that I had whole real cranberry's in the fridge later that evening haha. Dang it!

We are both so thankful for this food, our jobs, families, and each other! 

I should have married rich. Here's my homeless hubby.

He's waiting in line at Best Buy for a TV that he was not going to get HAHA
I told him but he wouldn't listen...

AND while cooking for hours I was dying my hair as well. It turned out SO vibrant!  

Curls aren't fresh, they've been in there for 13+ hours.

What do you think? Would you ever go purple? 

I hope you had a blessed and enjoyable Thanksgiving! 



  1. That's a daring thing to do, but I love how it give's off two shades of purple as well! How did you do it!?


  2. it is cming out more like violet thn purple........ bt love it anyways... hope u both had a blessed thanksgiving ....


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