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REVIEW | Garnier BB Cream Combination to Oily Skin in Medium/Deep

Every drugstore BB Cream I've tried has been a fail for my skin type. Too oily, too thick, color was wrong, broke me out, blotchy looking. I was convinced that the Smashbox BB Cream was the ONLY one that would work for me. It's great an all but at $40 a pop at Sephora, it's just too pricey.  I would rather buy a foundation. I don't think BB Creams are even worth that much considering American BB Creams are just glorified tinted moisturizers. 

When Garnier first came out with their BB Cream there was a lot of buzz but I didn't bother trying it. Now that they have an option for darker skin tones AND combination to oil skin I'm was curious to try it. At around $12 it sure as heck beats the price of the Smashbox one. 

Here is my first impression and how I apply it!



I know I've used this picture for my new hair
post but I have the Garnier BB Cream on!

After 1 HR

After 8 HRS
Barely looks any different. WOW!
(maybe it was my lucky day?)

A Hot & Humid day where I was outside for 4+ Hrs
(My pores look a lot larger from sweating but the BB Cream is still on!)

  • Available in most drugstores
  • Affordable at $10-$13
  • A lot of product for the price
  • Available for different skin types
  • Easy to blend
  • Not thick
  • Not cakey looking
  • SPF 20
  • Does control oil

  • Not many shades available
  • Does not brighten or renew skin

I love this BB Cream! This is my favorite drugstore BB Cream now hands down. While all other brands have failed me this one is definitely a WIN. For the price you get a lot of product. It might not control oil or have as much coverage as the Smashbox one but I can fix that by adding some mineral powder on top if I wanted to. The Smashbox BB Cream looks cakey while Garnier's does not. I have a golden olive skin tone and although this has more of a pink undertone it actually blends in quite well! It did not look ashy on me. It moisturizes just enough and stays on for a good amount of time. I had it on for 8 hours and ended up with a dewy look. Notice that I said DEWY and not greasy. It does not feel like you have anything thick on and looks great on the skin. You will need concealer if you have blemishes to hide as I do. I also want to add that considering how much SPF it has, it photographs pretty darn good if you ask me. I wish for Garnier to make a few more shades though. I was the medium/deep. I don't know what world they live in but that is not a very dark shade and think they can improve greatly on their color variety. This BB Cream does not do everything it claims on the box like brighten and review skin so I'm going to rate this a 4! There is NO need for me to get the Smashbox one now that I know this works for me! 


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  1. I have dry to normal skin. I use bare-minerals foundation and I love it. I have used it for 7 yrs now. I have wanted to experiment with BB creams though...


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