Wednesday, October 30

REVIEW | Milani Violet Volt Color Statement Lipstick + Swatches

Milani's Violet Volt is said to be a dupe for MAC's Heroine lipstick (limited edition). I missed out on Heroine and am just not willing to pay the $99.99 for it on Amazon. Yes, it really is that much, if you don't believe it do an Amazon search yourself.

Unbelievable, right?



No liner
With Lip Liner, Daylight
With Lip Liner, Flash

  • Affordable (about $5.50, depends on location)
  • Not limited edition
  • Creamy
  • Long Lasting
  • I wish it came in a creme or matte formula

Milani lipsticks are only around $5.50 depending on your drugstore. It took me 2 months to find this shade. It seems to always be out of stock at my local Walgreens and Walgreens was the only place that sells Milani near me so I had no choice but to wait. Patience is a virtue! This is a stunning rich metallic purple. It's a pinky purple and it is creamy and opaque upon application. It contains vitamins A, C, and E for moisture but after wearing it for an hour or so my lips felt a little dry. Not crackly dry just..not moisturized. Also, I wouldn't be able to compare this with Heroine since I don't own it but I can already tell you it is not exactly a dupe for it. The finishes on these lipsticks are completely different because Violet Volt has fine shimmer and Heroine does not. Heroine is a creme lipstick. Violet Volt is a metallic finish. Violet Volt is stunning none the less and unique on it's own and I'm happy to have added it to my collection.


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