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REVIEW | Maybelline The Buffs Color Lipstick Review + Swatches!

The Buffs collection is Maybelline's 2014 Spring lipstick collection. It has 10 different shades of creamy nude/flesh toned lipsticks. I'm very happy to say Maybelline actually catered to all skin tones with this line! They have the palest nude to deep berry hues. The darkest two I skipped for this review because deep berry hues aren't nudes in my opinion. However, they are beautiful none the less so do check them out!

For Reference: 
I am normally MAC's NC37 or a medium beige shade 
w/ golden undertones

Bare Lips Lined w/Lip Liner


  • Various shades available for many skin tones
  • Cream finish/
  • Moisturizing creamy formula
  • Price - $5-8 USD
  • Not long lasting
  • Formula not consistent
  • Shows flaws on lips
I love a good nude lip. My perfect nude is a mauvey nude with a formula that is very pigmented and with a creamy or matte finish. It needs to be pigmented to cover my pigmented lips. I wear neutral colors to work and for my everyday look so I thought I would find great lipsticks that I would use quite often. All the excitement I had for this collection faded by the time I swiped the 5th lipstick.

The colors Pigmentation was okay, most of the colors didn't look flattering on me, and thank God they weren't expensive! The lighter colors show every crack and crevasse on my lips and I don't even have dry crackly lips! I have creases but they are never dry. The formula is not consistent in all the lipsticks. Some need many more swipes to have an even coat. The medium browns swiped and looked a lot cleaner. I love the formula of the lipsticks, there's a slip to them and they feel very comfortable on my lips but it does not last long at all. I rarely reapply when I go out so when I left the house with any of these on I basically ate it while driving to my destination. I personally think Maybelline has better choices in their regular Color Sensational line. These shades just didn't suit me that great but I did find some okay shades. Okay is not okay, know what I'm saaayin? My favorites are Stormy Sahara, Truffle Tease, and Touchable Taupe. 

Have you tried any of these?
Which ones were your favorites?

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