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REVIEW | Influenster #VowVoxBox

Today I share with you some lovely wedding essentials. 
These are some of the little things that make a big impact on your big day ;)

Influenster VowVoxBox Unboxing

A Beautiful Wedding Website
Riley&Grey provides beautiful and modern layouts for today's weddings. It's so chic and fabulous and they give you a custom domain name that does all the work for you! Your site will have everything covered from the guests, to rsvp, location, date, accommodations, etc! I wish I had this available for my own wedding. It's very chic and cost effective. They provide lots of wedding day inspiration too!

Tide To Go
Have one of your bridesmaids carry this in their purse for you. You NEVER know when that scary little spot will appear out of no where on your gown! The Tide To Go Pen has been proven to work over the course of the years and it simply just works. It's an emergency kit item that can solve a meltdown in no time.

Something Blue
This is an obvious but it might not fit in with every culture. A baby blue or even turquoise is beautiful for anything wedding themed occasion. I'm not saying you should wear blue nail polish on your big day (actually, please don't) but it is a very beautiful shade to have as an accent color to for your wedding, bridal shower, or bachelorette party! Click HERE to check out my swatch of Sally Hansen's **** nail polish. It's a lovely shade of blue with a great formula. I would throw this in a gift basket for your bridesmaids so they too can have something blue :) !

Smooth Legs
I hate hate hate shaving but having hairy legs are even worse. Please don't go prickly on your wedding day (or night!). Waxing is quite painful for a lot of people and can be quite expensive. While you're racking up bills on which centerpiece to get and deciding between orchids or lillies, there's no reason why your hygiene has to suffer. Just shave. Pure Silk has a creamy foamy formula that will do the trick and it smells delicious! Pick any one of their wonderful smelling shaving creams for sexy smooth legs that your husband won't be able to resist ;) 

A Glowing Complexion
Trying to get a glowing complexion for your wedding day is somehow one of the most stressful things during a wedding. No one wants that scar to be so visible or those flakes to show or a big ol' zit smack dab in the middle of your forehead! The thought is kind of horrifying lol. The EcoTools Facial Complexion Sponge will take care of the flakes giving you smooth baby soft skin. This is such an amazing product I had to write a detailed review on it! Click HERE to check it out.

For scars I recommend exfoliating and using a moisturizer that helps to speed up the process by fading it as well. Olay Regenerist Luminious Moisturizer does just that without breaking you out. I also have the cleanser from this line and have been using it together. I did a full review on how well it worked on my oily acne-prone skin. Did it actually fade scars? Click HERE to check it out. Along with good skincare rituals I highly advice to watch what you eat. I know people are trying to look extra fit and toned for that special day. My suggestion isn't to lose weight but if you drink water and eat REAL foods that are not processed help tremendously when you want to improve your skin. Pick foods rich in antioxidants and rich in color. 

Products mentioned were sent by Influenster for consideration of a review. All opinions are my own.

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