Monday, October 29

My Jelly Belly - Week 2

I didn't do all 5 days with 1 hr of cardio out of pure laziness...hehe. I did do my normal upper body and lower body days though. The thought of doing 1 hr is just exhausting sometimes after all that strength training. Nah, I'm just being lazy.

This past week I was very into V8 Splash. The spicy one and the bright pastel pink smoothie one. I've always liked the spicy one but I never tried the pink strawberry & banana smoothie. For me it's too liquid to call a smoothie but a cup of ice and a bit of plain yogurt can quickly change that! It tastes soo good thanks to the high amounts of sugar (compared to their normal line). Usually I don't like juices all that much and it's rare I even pick some up at the store. I rather eat fresh fruit. Since childhood the taste of orange juice and apple juice threw me off. It was too sour for my taste. I only reach for Naked's Green Machine but fight the urge to buy it so often because it's expensive. I could drink that all day everyday. I've tried homemade green smoothies and they are not the same! Not that they are bad, they taste pretty good. It's an acquired taste for most and it was love at first taste with Green Machine so... I can't let you go *tear*. 

A long time reader suggested the Cabbage Soup Diet and I did a little googling about it. After looking at the recipes I think I will like everything about this soup except the CABBAGE...eeek. Not too fond of cabbage personally (I've never bought it my entire life actually) and after having a chat with a bestie she told me cabbage smells like fart. What?! Haha, ok well that concludes it. I will not be doing the cabbage soup diet. I have thought about just replacing the cabbage with something else. Any suggestions? I like spinach, would that work?

I will follow the main idea of the cabbage soup diet this week so thank you for that suggestion! Liquid diet. Oh yes...a liquid diet but don't worry not full on, I would die. The plan is to drink more fluids. I need more than water. Drinking more fluids will fill me up faster. I am not giving up my regular foods, I will just add juices before the main meal and drink juice when I feel like it. I went crazy on juice this week and it wasn't because of trying to lose weight but because it just tasted yummy and I wanted it. I have lots of juicing and smoothie recipes but I'm going to skip on it this week. I know a lot of you think it's preposterous to drink bottled or canned juices but do you realize just how much stuff I have to buy to make juice? I put whole mangoes and apples in my smoothies! I don't want to be turned off by the hassle so I will be buying ready made. I plan to deal with the hassle next week! In order for me to stick to something I have to be excited about it. I want to like juice again before I get mad screwing up smoothies and let pounds of fruits and veggies rot away. Also I know about the sodium and sugar and carb contents thank you, I still think it's tasty and a better option for me at the time. 

1 V8 Spicy Hot (low sodium)
1 V8 Splash Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Lots of cans of V8 (original) -tastes great with a squeeze of lime!
2 Lifeway Kefir Mango
Lots of some chocolate Atkins protein shakes that I already had

The hubby has Plum Smart & Prune Juice from Sunsweet which I might take a sip of later...probably not.



In case you're wondering, the solid foods currently are:
(kale, spinach, tomatos, avocados, lemons, olives, various peppers & mixed frozen veggies, etc)
snacks like almonds, chips, wheat thins
noodles (ramen, green tea, chow mein)
milk & cereal


  • The Workout - Continue 1 hr of cardio 5 days a week

  • The Diet - Drink lots of fluids along with normal solid foods but drink the juice FIRST

Penny For Your Thoughts!

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  1. Celery, carrots, and green peppers! If you hate the taste of cabbage (which i must admit, tastes like crap!), try it with these three ingredients! Or if you prefer just celery. The concept is to eat a soup that has no calories in order to keep your daily intake count low.

    Good luck!


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