Thursday, October 18

Fall Fashion | 2012 Trends LOVE & HATE

Fall is my favorite season and this fall 2012 is FILLED with things I love and some I don't. Thankfully, I have collected pieces throughout the years that will work with seasons on. I just have to learn to shop in my own closet, mix and match,  maybe buy an accessory or two and taadaa the recessionista in me has been dragged out! It works. No one I know buys a new wardrobe every single season and no one should feel pressured to just to be "cool". Don't go crazy now there's no reason to follow EVERY single trend. Just know what's in style at the moment and incorporate your own style and piece the the old with the new.  

Can't spend a dime...but I still have eyes! 

I used to hate it when I was younger.
I thought it made me look fobby so I stayed away from it haha. 

Grew up tomboy and loved camo and anything olive toned. 
I hate camo now that I work for the military but military styled trenches are still cute in my book.

This just looks so aristocratic with all the intricate embellishments.

 Leather is always sexy with edge.
It can be girly with the right cut so no need to look rock n roll or like you're in the Matrix.
Although, the rock and roll is my take on it

It's just embroidery. Normally I hate embroidery but this looks so pretty! 
I will be chopping up a salwar kamis to make a dress out of it. 
I hated kamises with embroidery but looks like I can make it fashionable after all. 

I love wearing white. Makes me feel like a lil angel...but we know the truth.
Something about wearing all white (or all black) just looks so polished.

Trends I'm HATING

No matter how you wear it: shorts, jacket, dress. 
Yeah she's smokin and looks vaavaaVOOM in velvet but velvet just reminds me of a pimp.
And how much the bald guy on Seinfield loves velvet.

Ok, I don't exactly hate it. I'm just not too fond of it that's all. Not my style I guess. 
No matter how gorgeous some things look and how much in style they are. 
If it's not something I feel comfortable in, I will not wear it. 

I love patterns, just not what they have out this season. 

What are your favorite trends this season? 


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