Friday, October 5

MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Foundation Routine for Tutorials

no flash

My first foundation routine! This is what I use for makeup tutorials in my videos. 

This is what the foundation really looks like so don't worry I didn't blur or smooth out my skin to make it look nicer or something so if you zoom in you can probably see my mustache. 
(please don't!!) 

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation 
Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation
Mac Studio Finish Concealer
Smashbox Anti-Shine


My eyes were soo watery while trying to do this tutorial :( anyway...

Watch the video to see 
how I apply my foundation


What foundation do you use? 


  1. Thank you for replying to my request! I really appreciate it.

  2. No problem :) I've had this request hundreds of times before but I never did it, don't know why! When it was one of the easiest tutorials I've ever done!

  3. It's nice to see how you put it on. There's just so many ways of applying foundation, and for some reason using a sponge never works for me. I usually use my real techniques buffing brush, which works the best! And I've been loving my Revlon Colorstay Foundation, which is matte, but I really want a more glow-y foundation, so maybe I'll purchase this next time!


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