Thursday, January 17

HAUL | LORAC + Sephora OPI

LORAC Close Up & LORAC Eye Travel In Style 
Very impressed with their kits. Everything is FULL size! 
Definitely worth the buy and not to mention their quality is outstanding.

 LORAC Eye Travel In Style
I admit. I bought it for the luster drops. 
It doesn't show well here but it is very shimmery and beautiful in person. 

LORAC Close Up: Face Tutorial
I wanted to try their mascara and get that eyeliner. I love my cat eye and this liquid liner wasn't a hard felt tip. It actually has thin bristles and bends like a makeup brush. This kit was cheaper then buying them separately plus I got 3 extra goodies and it comes with a booklet with tips on getting a lovely look. 


Sephora OPI Tinsel Town Set
Since I've stopped biting my nails I'm all into painting them and keeping them painted otherwise I will go back into biting them. This is starting a new dangerous addiction of buying nail polishes but it's a much prettier one :) I think the sizes are perfect to try out many colors since I've never finished a whole bottle unless it was a top coat or treatment. I would say this set has something for every season. One thing I don't like is that all the little bottles don't have names on the bottom. I threw away the packaging -_- now I have to look them up for reference. 

Boooo...what is this?!

I can't wait to play with all my goodies! Did you know LORAC is the creator's name Carol backwards? I love Lorac and they are one of the few brands that give full sized products in their kits unlike other brands who give teeny weeny sizes that Polly Pockets can play with. Lol do you guys remember Polly Pockets? I'd lose pieces of her home within the hour of getting it haha! 

Hope you're all having a wonderful day 



  1. I've never tried Lorac products, but almost bought their Pro Palette during the holidays. I actually bought the Original Naked palette instead since it had more wearable everyday colors. These look awesome though! What are the luster drops used for?

    Also.. I know what you mean about nail polish. I really got into doing my nails over the summer and bought a bunch over the summer, mostly drug store brands though. Have you ever tried Sinful Colors nail polish? Pretty cheap nail polish that you can buy at Target & Walgreens, but they're pretty opaque and usually last long with a good top coat.

  2. Also the Revlon ColorStay line is also very awesome! It has a very gel-like finish.

  3. I have some Sinful Colors but for some reason I cannot get it to dry fast on my nails even with Seche Vite :(

  4. Oh and the luster drops are for anything! I've put it on my eyes and cheeks and it looks gorgeous!! I actually think the Lorac PRO is better than the Naked pallet. I don't like everything to be shimmery. For every shimmery shade there is a matching matte shade in the Lorac pallet.


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