Tuesday, February 25

REVIEW | Too Faced Loves Sephora Palette + Swatches

Confession: I have had this palette since April 2013 and decided to just share it with you now.
I'm sorry but not sorry.

This is a limited edition palette and it commemorates the 15 years Too Faced and Sephora have worked together. Available originally for $52 at Sephora.

The palette has 10  "exclusive" eyeshadows, 3 brozers, 1 blush, 1 eyeshadow primer in a sample size, a glamour guide, and a cute little "flatbuki" brush that most people will not use. You will notice that the eyeshadow names are rather odd but they are named after iconic times, places, and people throughout their relationship.

My favorite colors are Behind The Counter, 1998, and David & Marg

piano keys, so. cal, tf ♥'s the cast, jer jer, 525 market

behind the counter, soho, envy, david & marge, 1998

My beautiful palette with how-to makeup cards included!

What I thought it would look like when I opened it...

This is what I really got. W T F.

  • Variety of colors
  • Larger neutral eyeshadows
  • Contains matte and shimmery bronzers
  • Comes with eyeshadow primer

  • Available only at Sephora / Amazon
  • Limited edition
  • Extremely poor packaging

The color variety is excellent and the color payoff is great. With a primer you get what you see in. The colorful shadows are of decent size and their matte neutral shadows are twice as big; which is great because the nudes are usually the first to go in a palette being used as a highlight color. The bronzers and blushes are large enough to use with regular sized brushes.  I for one thought it was great for the price based on the bronzers and blush alone! The color of the blush is so beautiful and perfect for spring and summer while the Chocolate Soleil bronzer was deep enough to contour my skin tone. Most bronzers in a palette are usually my exact skintone or barely make a difference. I can use the shimmery side of Sunny Bunny bronzer as a highlight or even as an eyeshadow.

I like this palette, not love it. I wouldn't call this a must-have palette but it is a nice palette to have if you're like me and collect them. The biggest turn off was when I first opened the palette, nearly ALL the items fell out of their space due to a bad gluing job! I would have used it more often if it wasn't for the thought of all the products falling down and turning into dust. Most people would return it and just exchange for one where the shadows won't fall out, so why didn't I? Being a part of Sephora I knew that ALL these palettes were actually on recall. The manager at my Sephora decided to go ahead and put it on the shelf anyway. I knew they would all do the same thing but I wanted to keep it being a limited edition. I had to feed my addiction of collecting pretty palettes, lol! To fix the problem all I had to do was put my handy dandy glue gun to use and taadaa! No more fallout.

Did you buy this palette and did the eyeshadows fall out like in mine? I think it was shady of my manager to go ahead and sell the products on recall but then again, to her it was all about numbers.


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