Tuesday, February 25

REVIEW | Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette + Swatches

The first time I heard of this palette I thought of skipping it. Just how many Naked palettes can they make? I had just bought the Vice II and now they have another Naked one out? Then I SAW the palette and...I had to add it to my collection. The palette includes 12 rosy and brown eyeshadows. Sound boring compared to that bright and colorful Vice II but I wear neutrals more often for work. Also, rose gold is all the rage right now and I think it complements me quite well with my tan skin so I can safely say that I love this palette.

strange, dust, burnout, limit, buzz, trick, nooner, liar, factory, mugshot, darkside, blackheart

strange, dust, burnout, limit, buzz, trick, nooner, liar, factory, mugshot, darkside, blackheart

Strange - matte, pale neutral pink

Dust - shimmer, light pink w/fine micro glitter

Burnout - soft shimmer, rosey peach

Limit - matte, mauvey rose

Buzz - metallic, rose w/fine silver glitter

Trick - shimmer, copper w/fine gold micro glitter

Nooner - matte, medium pink with 
hint of brown

Liar - metallic, coppery mauve

Factory - satin, brown pink

Mugshot - metallic, warm taupe

Darkside - satin, dark taupe

Blackheart - shimmer, black w/fine rosegold glitter

  • Pigmented eyeshadows
  • Rose gold variety
  • Brush

  • Lots of fall out
  • Price
  • Not many matte shades

How does this compare to the other palettes in the Naked series? Well, it doesn't. Naked I is warm toned neutrals, Naked II is cool toned neutrals, Naked Basics is your 6 basic matte shades, and Naked III is rosy toned neutrals. I personally think any skin tone can pull off all 3 palettes. What colors are YOU more drawn towards? Most people love the Naked Basics while I kind of almost hate it and don't find anything amazing about it. My favorites palettes are the Naked II & III. It's really all up to you.

The first thing I noticed when getting this palette was that the price for all the Naked palettes had gone up $2.00. No! I don't like that at all but it's still within a reasonable price range for all the full sized eyeshadows you get. All the shadows have great pigmentation and there are no repeats from previous Naked palettes!

For some of the shades it's harder to see on my swatches because it's close to my skin tone but they show up great even without a primer. Most of the shadows felt very soft and buttery to the touch so the slightest bit of pressure with a brush or finger will make them crumble and leave lots of dusty particles.

I like the brush that it came with, I actually use it! It's not bad if you want to concentrate color on certain parts of your lid when applying. Again, like all the other Naked palettes (besides Naked Basics of course) , this one also lacks matte shades. It only comes with 3. I don't see myself using only this palette to achieve a look. Overall I think it's a great palette, I love the colors it has to offer, and it is a lovely addition to my collection!


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