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REVIEW | Kiss Look So Natural Lashes

Product Claim
"Light and soft as a feather. Revolutionary Tapered End Technology delivers real-like lashes that blend seamlessly with your own lashes. 97% of women who wore these lashes felt the difference—you’ll forget you’re wearing them!"

I use false lashes almost every time for my clients and on myself usually while filming YouTube videos or for special occasions. I wear mascara everyday to enhance my natural thin lashes. I haven't found a pair that is so natural that I would want to wear it every day. I absolutely LOVE the looks of falsies but it's just not an everyday thing for me.




  • Thin light strip
  • Weightless
  • Price
  • Glue


  • Price

I didn't think these lashes would actually feel so light that I would forget that I was wearing them. Well...I did! I always feel my lashes when wear them and I can usually see it a little too because they are so much longer than my real lashes. These were a tad bit longer on some parts. It blended in so beautifully with my natural lashes that you couldn't see that I was wearing any at all. I don't bother wearing mascara when I wear these babies because I want to give my lashes a break. If I use mascara with it they look very lovely and full. I avoid mascara because these lashes are so thin, mascara will actually reduce it's lifetime. Normally I can wear lashes up to 7-10 times but these I can wear it about 4-5 times. These delicate lashes will lose their perfect alignment from peeling it on and off.

I should mention that I didn't have to trim the lashes to fit my eye either! That's never been the case before and another added bonus is that I actually like the glue it comes with. I use various kinds, DUO being a favorite but this one is great too! It comes in a little vial, the cap is designed to be the applicator, and it goes on a light blue on the lashes but dries clear. The only negative is the price. There are 5 styles of these lashes and they retail for $3.99. I think that is much too expensive for only one pair of lashes and a pair that doesn't even have that many hairs on it. Other than that I think the quality, look, and feel of the lashes are great!

Have you tried these "look so natural" lashes yet? What's you favorite kind of false lashes and do you like wearing falsies everyday? I just can't find the time but I love the look when I do.

Product sample was sent for review consideration from Influenster

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