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REVIEW | Neutrogena Triple Repair Shampoo & Conditioner Review (Before + After PICS!)

"Healthy Hair When the Heat Is On"

Product Claims:  Will leave your hair stronger, smoother, and more nourished by reducing breakage up to 80% and mending split ends up to 97% . It's the line of hair care for people who have damaged hair from using heat tools. 

It sounds like just what I need! I don't use THAT many heat tools but I do use them all and I do use them about 3 times a week. Ok, nevermind that sounds horrible. I do use lots of heat (even if it's not everyday) and I dye my hair I'm a perfect candidate to try this line out! I love using Redken and Biolage shampoos and conditioners but I do always have drugstore shampoos and conditioners on hand because I like to stretch out the use of my higher end hair care products. For treatments I am used to a gazillion brands but Chi, BedHead, and Tresemme are amongst my favorites. 

My Hair Type
+ Straight with a little wave
+ Lot's of hair
+ Very Long
+ Regular use of heat tools that go up to 400 degrees
+ Color treated 


This is my hair straight out of a bun then brushed out on the right.
The very bottom is a little lighter because of a fading ombre from nearly 10 months ago.  
I've been trimming it every 3 months as well. 

Here are the ingredients in each of the products used.




Hair is blow dried then straightened on the right. 

The coloring is a little off because I took this at night. The flash intensified the shine.


  • Affordable (ea. item is around $6.99) 
  • Availability
  • For color-treated hair
  • Size
  • Repaired split ends -WOW! 


  • Is not sulfate free

After the very first use my hair did feel remarkably soft. Usually when you use a new shampoo and conditioner people feel like their hair has more of a bounce to it so I wasn't going to let that fool me. I still could see loads of split ends. Even though I get regular trims I just can't seem to ever really get rid of split ends unless I decide to chop of like 5 inches of my hair -and that ain't happenin! I've been using this for almost two months now and I can say that it is a great hair care line. Good job Neutrogena! I've used other conditioners from them, one being a thick purple one that was amazing but the curiosity of trying new items got the best of me.

I feel like despite the long name of these products the line was named accordingly. It really did repair my hair. I can't get over the fact that I barely have any split ends left! Before I could pick the end of my braid up and see them easily, now I have to search for them. I have NEVER used a product that helped me seal up split ends. I've heard the only way to get rid of them is to just chop them off and that is exactly what I used to do. I think the creme de la creme of this line is the treatment. The fact that it works for heat tools up to 400 degrees AND for color-treated hair makes it even better. I must mention that the size of this tube is big; I have lots of hair and it's very long so I find myself using up hair treatments quite fast. I also don't use this at the roots, I like the light feeling of my Tresemme hair protectant spray for that. I will use this for the bottom 8 inches or so. The treatment is quite thick but after blow drying it doesn't feel sticky at all. I just feels soft to the touch. I can see myself purchasing this many times over on the fact that it helped mend my split ends alone.

The only negative about this product is that it is not sulfate free. Whyyy Neutrogena whyyy??? Otherwise it would have been perfect! After over 1 month of use I can honestly say this system works wonderful together and mixed with other brands. I was worried it would make my hair greasy because I wash it about 2-3 times a week but the shampoo worked with it just fine. I do feel like my hair goes flat faster due to the moisture but it's not a huge complaint considering the good it does for my hair in return. My hair feels stronger and not so brittle as well. It hasn't faded my hair color too which is nice! I'm about to dye my hair lighter again due to spring fever and I feel very confident about the state my hair is in. I have no worries about the ends or if my hair is too damaged. I dye my hair every few months and this shampoo is about to get HG status if it keeps performing this well!

Have you tried this line? What's your favorite drugstore line of shampoos and conditioners?

Product was sent for review consideration from BzzAgent

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