Wednesday, January 1

Happy New Year!

How was 2013 for you? Mine wasn't awful but it wasn't some kind of wonderful. Here are some of my personal highlights of 2013!

  • We got 2 more puppies Diesel and Duchess!
  • We traded in Tony's loud ass high maintenance sports car for a new car. It's his "grown up" car, haha.
  • Our home actually feels like a home now :)
  • This was a year of relationships! The relationship between my love and I and our relationships with our friends, family, and neighbors all greatly improved. It takes a long time to get adjusted to a new place. We moved states away so it was interesting to see who actually kept in touch as 2 years passed on. Who calls you, who texts you, and those who vanish into thin air. Tony and I built a stronger bond with his side of the family this year. Mine are a million miles away but I don't feel homesick thanks to them. They came to visit us in the summer time and we went to visit them during Christmas. It was a blast! Some of the best memories we have together. It was just a big happy family! We also made friends and can call some of our neighbors friends!
  • Unexpectedly saw my dad. He came all the way from Bangladesh for a visit!
  • I started vlogging this year. We had a channel for a while with our videos on private but I put up some to share with you all.
  • We're getting better and better at cooking! I've always had a passion for it but living on our own forces us to cook a lot more. There's been a lot more baking too. Even made my first pie this Thanksgiving and it was tasty!

Now here are some Resolutions for 2014

I wouldn't even call these "resolutions"...more like a long TO DO list.

  • Get even MORE organized than last year. I need to start using a planner religiously and scheduling things like I did in college. I like that. It makes me feel on top of things and ahead of the game.

  • Replace the remainder of my hangers with thin velvet ones. I have a few more packs to go. I think I've spent almost $300 on hangers this year. It's more expensive than plastic ones but it saves me A LOT of space in my closet.

  • Try to make a new kind of salad every 2 weeks. I think we can handle that with our busy schedules. We're huge salad eaters and there are only about 4 kinds that we really make because we always have certain ingredients readily available at home. I don't think he wants to branch out but I do!

  • I want to start most (or every single day) with a smoothie. I love smoothies!

  • This year I will actually have a health goal. I feel like I let myself go body wise in 2013. I want to start running on the regular again. 

  • I will do a detox in January. Not exactly sure what detox though. I think I just want a no processed food / clean eating type of detox. If you have any ideas let me know!

  • Slap some paint on my walls! Can't waaaiiiiit!

  • Fix my ugly coffee table. It's wasn't ugly, 2 pieces of glass broke on it and my puppies just chewed up the corners while they were teething. I guess they didn't like the toys I bought for them. It has seen better days.

  • Put up curtains in every room. Every room! I hate a room without curtains. It looks sad and empty to me without them.

  • Pay off all credit cards completely.

  • Make some paintings for our walls. Get that creative flow going again!

  • Make new makeup artistry business cards. Time for a fresh new look!

  • Amp up my nail art supplies. I was very into polishes and nail art in 2013. I might have had bare nails only 3 days out of the entire year! I have a long wishlist but thankfully nail art supplies and jewels are fairly cheap.

  • Get my nose pierced again. I love me a sexy nose piercing.

  • A beach vacation. I haven't been to the beach in over 2 years! 

  • Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. I feel like if this gets thrown off then my whole day is practically ruined and nothing gets done on time.

I'm Ready.

I hope whatever YOUR goals and aspirations may be that they all come true. If you work hard and don't give up, they will come
true! Try to make the most of every situation that is thrown at you
and don't worry about what others say to you or say behind your
back. Remember that there are no shortcuts to any place worth
going. Just keep going and do you boo! 

Happy New Year Everyone!


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