Tuesday, March 26

NC Trip Pictures

Tony and I went up to NC for a couple days to get some work done while visiting family and friends. We couldn't push it back any further and really needed to make time for that. I believe it keeps you well grounded. Time flew by so fast! That's why I didn't make any videos this week or put up any posts on my blog. I did go shopping though so expect a lil haul soon before my spring makeup tutorial!

Mamabear and I. Yes, she is shorter than me! 

Tony and I took out his family for some yummy seafood. 
His family is from Maryland so they know all about 
them fresh tasty crab cakes!

Tony made this for me...he told me to take a picture of it lol  

My Bengali peeps   

My best friend from high school! 

My Besties from College :)

Some food porn never hurt nobody

After being out all day I come to my in-laws house to this. 

♥   My BOYS!  
Him pretending to be angry. Right.

It makes me so happy to see everyone's success and that they're doing well in life. If you really love your friends and family I don't think you'd ever want to see them deserving anything but the best. 

And to my online family, I hope all of you have been keeping well too! 
Count your blessings, not your problems 


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  1. Visiting family and old friends is always fun. Hope you had a great trip!


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