Wednesday, March 13

Paint, Roses, & Cupcakes O My!

A lil update! Last month was my birthday month sooo I was having fun the whole time getting spoiled. It's also a week away from Valentine's day so I got some extra lovin haha. It was an expensive month going out to eat often and I shopped A LOT more than usual. I didn't even post the things I bought but I wanted to share some lil tid bits! Hauling is another post! 

I came home one night from work to this. 
A table canvas? I don't even know I've never seen one before. Hubby said he remembers me saying I missed painting. Awwwww! Cheesy Valentine's Day flower pick included, it wasn't even Vday lol

My Birthday Makeup

Actual Valentine' Day
I wore one of the flower's in my hair and killed it :(

I made these heart cupcakes for my beautiful coworkers.
They were really tasty. Just sayin.

Vday Makeup 
There was purple glitter on the bottom you can't see it!

Some random makeup looks I actually took pics of...

 Naked 2 Palette 

And we upgraded our TV! I don't need to go to a theater ever again. The picture is sooo clear and VIVID.

I have a St. Patrick's day look filmed. I just hope I can edit all of it and get it uploaded by this Friday. I work the oddest hours so I apologize for not being able to post videos every other day or so. I do wear fun makeup most days and the reason I don't record "Get Ready With Me" videos where it's just speeded up is because I think it's a lame excuse for a makeup tutorial. I prefer to spend countless hours editing =] kthanksbye 



  1. I LOVE the Naked 2 palette look! Please do a tutorial!

  2. what contacts are you wearing here??


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