Wednesday, March 6

REVIEW | Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy Swatches

These are all flakie polishes. Not meaning that they flake off your nail or anything but that the top coat gives a "flake" effect. To me they look like crystals or stones with all the edges and have a beautiful holographic effect. 

The solid colors are all creme and they are very opaque. You can get away with one coat or two if you desire. I used one coat for the black and it was very opaque and dried at a normal time (about  2 mins) so I was impressed with that. For the flakie top coat you can get away with 1 coat also but I used 2 because some areas were sparse and I like a heavy holographic effect. I wouldn't recommend more than two layers because some of the flakes are large and they will end up looking very goopy and lift up. I wanted to love Orbit but that was the goopiest one for me. It was so thick and wouldn't dry as fast as the other ones for some reason. My favorites are Moon Dust and Satellite. Moon Dust gives a greenish rainbow effect and Satellite is maroon with a fiery gold leaf effect. Those two were very different from the rest. 

All pics were taken on their third or fourth day of wear. No chipping! Just a bit worn looking. 



Moon Dust


-Works with 1 coat
-Many color combos to choose from
-Dries completely in about 2 mins (for most)
-Cost (about $6.50 USD, depends on location)
-Lasts at least 5 days without obvious chipping

-Can get very goopy


5-Must have!

4-Worth buying

3-It's alright but I can live without it
2-I don't recommend this
1-Waste of money! Stay away from this as it may cause you to have a bad bad day.

I give these polishes a 3. If you wanted to try a flakie nail polish I'd say go ahead and give one of these a try. They are affordable and available in more drugstores or supermarkets. If you have flakie polishes already then I would skip this. It's not a must have and I personally prefer the effect of smaller flakes and they sit flatter on the nail giving it a smoother appearance. 



  1. These are awesome. Thanks for the review. Can't wait for you to do more reviews. I would also love some makeup looks! Maybe a tutorial for something to wear to work?

  2. I wear colorful stuff to work but I'm going to assume you mean neutral haha

  3. Yeah. I'm starting my internship at a marketing/sales company and they require more toned down neutral makeup.


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